Tungsten hexafluoride Wikipedia card tungsten hexafluoride, colorless gas or light yellow liquid, solid as a deliquescent white crystals, in moist air smoke. Mainly for the chemical vapor deposition of tungsten, as the fluorinating agent.


Basic information on the environmental impact of health hazards toxicology information and environmental behavior Emergency Monitoring Methods Laboratory monitoring methods environmental standards Emergency treatment and disposal methods ACCIDENTAL protective measures First aid expand Edit this paragraph the basic information material physical and chemical constants: GB No. 23025

molecular structure [1]

CAS No. 7783-82-6 Chinese name English name of tungsten hexafluoride Tungsten hexafluoride; Tungstenfluoride alias Formula WF6 Weight 297.8 Boiling point 17.5 ℃ temperature 2.3 ℃ Solubility soluble most organic solvents, and hydrofluoric acid to generate H2 [WF8] relative density (water = 1) 3.44 (15 ℃) Stability Stable Hazardous Mark 6 (toxic gas) Edit this paragraph the environmental impact of health hazard pathways: inhalation, Ingestion. Health hazards: case moist air or water decomposition, distribution also highly toxic and corrosive hydrogen fluoride fumes. The goods on the eyes, skin and mucous membranes can cause very serious burns. Toxicology information and environmental behavior toxicity: a severe irritant. Hazardous characteristics: with many substances react chemically. Case of moisture, air, or hydrolysis and emit toxic corrosive hydrogen fluoride gas. Highly corrosive and can erode almost all metals, can rapidly corrode wet glass. Combustion (decomposition) products: hydrogen fluoride. Emergency Monitoring Methods speed test tube; ion-selective electrode method Laboratory monitoring methods ion selective electrode method (GB7484-87, water) membrane fluoride ion selective electrode (GB/T15434-95,Sale Nike Mercurial 2013 Vapor VIII Superfly Fourth CR TRX FG Red Black Soccer Shoes , air) Environmental standards China ( TJ36-79) Workshop harmful substances in the air that the maximum allowable concentration 1mg/m3 [F] China (TJ36-79) Residential District atmosphere of harmful substances maximum allowable concentration (fluoride) 0.02mg/m3 (primary values) 0.007mg / m3 (daily average) Chinese (GB5048-92) irrigation water quality standards (fluoride) 2.0 ~ 3.0mg / L (water and dry vegetables) Chinese (GB11607-89) Fisheries water quality standards 1mg / L (fluoride) Chinese (GB5749-85) Drinking Water Standards 1.0mg / L (fluoride) China (GB5058.3-1996) Solid waste leaching toxic identification standard value 50mg / L (fluoride) ⒍ Edit this paragraph Emergency treatment and disposal methods leakage contingency rapid withdrawal from air leakage personnel to a safe area, not to prohibit access the contaminated area,Sale Nike CTR360 Libretto III TF Turf Soccer Shoes Black Green Bright Blue , emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus, particularly manufacturers recommend wearing chemical protective clothing (complete isolation). To ensure the safety of plugging. Water fog slowed volatile (or spread), but not to spill or leak water directly point. Do not allow water to enter the packing container, drainage (indoor) or powerful ventilation (outdoor). Reusable containers can leak, and to go through treatment to remove the remaining gas. Protective measures respiratory protection: its possible exposure to toxic, must wear gas masks. Eye Protection: Wear safety glasses. Physical protection: wear protective clothing tape. Hand protection: Wear gloves against chemicals. Other: work,2013 Nike Mercurial victory X CR7 TF White Galaxy Soccer Cleats Shoes Football Boots , take a shower. Periodic examinations. First aid measures Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing, mobile water rinse. In coated magnesium oxide ointment burns at or dilute ammonia. Doctor. Eye contact: immediately open the upper eyelids, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Doctor. Inhalation: from the scene to fresh air. Difficult to breathe oxygen. Stop breathing, give artificial respiration. Get medical attention immediately. Fresh into: oral intake of water, blues or egg white, a doctor immediately. Fire fighting methods: foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder.
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