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Biography Stories of patriotic devotion to revolutionary businessman pie parcels granted a special mission to outsmart Tanaka memorial program Yechuang broken foot bridge copied secret chapter Tanaka memorial authenticity of the dispute commenced Edit this paragraph Biography Tsai Chih worthy, patriotic Taiwanese businessman, not a career diplomat, has become the man of diplomatic history of the Republic, on the edge because he exposed the infamous memorial Tanaka, the Japanese militarists' desire to conquer the world, we must first conquer Shina; conquest Shina, we must first conquer Manchuria and Mongolia, "the hubris revealed to the world. Edit this paragraph Stories of patriotic devotion to revolutionary businessman in 1888, Tsai Chih-Kan was born in Nigeria after the town of Miaoli County, Taiwan. Shortly after birth every Sino-Japanese War, Taiwan was ceded to Japan, since childhood,Adidas Predator Blue XI TRX FG Cleats Light Yellow Blue Soccer Cleats, suffered the pain of subjugation. Adult and went to Japan business, the creation of Cai Fengyuan Exim Bank in Tokyo, and in Southeast Asia have coffee and rubber plantations, a vessel sailing the world, to become big business magnates JIA. But his love for the motherland, devotion revolution, joined the League in his early years, then personally introduced by Chen Li-fu, a special Chinese Kuomintang Party, numbered "special Zi No. 87952."


1913 Year "Revolution" occurred, Tsai Chih-Kan Cai E generals had cover from Tokyo to Keelung, Yunnan Province on board after the change, to overthrow the "HongXian country" made a contribution. In 1924, Sun Ying Duan's request, north of state affairs in an attempt to unify China. At that time the Japanese warlords fear, advocated troops obstruction. Chua Discovery insider that told Sun preparedness, and in Japan, four events, with Sun Yat-sen on behalf of Li Liejun convince Japanese politicians, resulting not from the scourge of war. Subsequently, Li Liejun instruct him a lot of attention, "Mongolian question", Chua and local authorities in northeast China has established close links. Chang Tso-lin killed by the Japanese after the Foreign Affairs Committee of Northeast Chua had provided bomb fragments to verify the Japanese crime. Subsequent years, he often collected in Japan's politics pure obligation to report insider Zhang, Northeast authorities to facilitate diplomatic decisions. Tsai Chih worthy to do business as a cover in the northeast widely between Japan and around, knot senior politicians who engage in anti-Japanese activities in secret, as with the Japanese royal family, politicians, officials, political party leaders and senior military and Northeast China are closely related to the characters, special mission for his commitment to create the conditions. Pie parcels granted a special mission in June 1928 of the day, Tsai Chih-Kan being the home of Japanese lawmakers Nakano dinner is just one line, then suddenly sent from Shenyang parcels a pie, Sanxi later, Chua sectional view of the cake, to get Foreign Relations Committee head Wang Jiazhen Northeast water pen wrote the secret book: "Anglo-American aspect legend, Prime Minister Tanaka memorial to me quite interested, Yisu attempt to start, with many non-interest expenses." Tsai Chih-Kan Wang Jiazhen between Zhang and the Department of contacts, then do not say Chua is an old friend, when Wang to Tokyo, are staying in the Chua Cai Feng operating line. At that time, the Japanese invasion of China by the radical faction friends of the political leaders Tanaka served as a prime minister, has held the Eastern Conference, the Dalian meeting, actively planning military invasion. The results of the two sessions rumors Tanaka written memorial memorial Emperor, the point is: Explain the Japanese Manchukuo positive, fundamental policy, the restructuring of the South Manchurian Railway Agency, the agency that annexation Northeast; made crooked Mongolian territory of non-Chinese ; reward Koreans moved to Manchuria and Mongolia, and use it as a tool into the data Manmeng; military for the purpose of building a cycle Mongolian railway line, surrounded by Mongolian central place to hijack Shina's military, political and economic development, etc. to the forces of the Russian invasion of DU; Dalian as the center, the establishment of ship clubs to capture maritime traffic, to dominate the Pacific; alter the South Manchurian Railway Company's operation, welcomed the investment in Manchuria and Mongolia, Japan can take advantage of foreign investment, promote reap Manmeng opportunities; colonized province established specifically to deal with Japan's aggressive Mongolian affairs, tried to prevent the Chinese people moved to Manchuria and Mongolia, to ensure that vested interests, with its core idea is the most appalling: "I want to conquer the world, we must first conquer Shina; Shina conquest, we must first conquer Manchuria and Mongolia. "because the Japanese ruling group led by Tanaka's government and the opposition Gerakan Friends of the contradictions and differences, such confidential information to outsiders, and immediately attracted national attention. It is said that more than 2,000 people gathered in Tokyo to explore the national intelligence secrets, United States, Britain, the Soviet Union countries have spared no expense to get the hatred. National Government Foreign Minister Zhengting this is a known hatred, had sent to prepare to go to Harbin Buy Now foreign invested 500,000. In this context, Tsai Chih Kanshou this mission, deeply ashamed scared, this is Japan's top secret, if it lost, there is life-threatening. But Chua was promised try. Outsmart Tanaka memorial program Tsai Chih-Kan enjoined upon, think twice, decided not to take the "spy means" to buy, because it will not only risk their lives, and probably in vain giant gold. His detailed analysis of the political situation in Japan, that friends of the political and policy disagreements with Gerakan fierce competition can be funded within the application, he decided to use force Gerakan against Tanaka radical policy of aggression against it, trying to convince them to open the secret files in order to stop political friends Council action, which led to the fall of friends of the political cabinet. This is a risky move forward. Subsequently, Tsai Chih-worthy dinner were former Minister of the Interior bed Gerakan bamboo two times now Nagai Liutai Lang Foreign Minister and former Minister of the Interior Makino stretch significantly and so on. When Japanese political leaders are very poor, these people are in the money have close contacts with Chua, and there Wujiapi wine and opium addiction, only Chua energy source feeding. Chua's proposal to Nagai, asking him to come up with Tanaka memorial, published in Chua organized "Day" magazine, was rejected by Yongjin. Chua Youxiang bed times into words, in order to overthrow friends of the political, should be made known to the world: Tanaka memorial held policy of forcibly occupied Manchuria and Mongolia, will lead to the Sino-Japanese Dear John, will suffer. Bed times promised: "If you consider necessary, and I was asking clue." A few days later, bed times, said: "Royalists (King's Road School) that the annexation of Manchuria and Mongolia Tian Zhongwu force policy, eventually provoked the military revolution, threatening the emperor eternal a series, is eager to destroy Tanaka policy, but if direct intervention by the emperor or the patriarch Tanaka, if necessary, cause young soldier revolution. veterans are now caught in a dilemma, I can take advantage of this opportunity to seek Tanaka memorial, quite the likelihood of success. Please Higher Chinese dishes and you're ready to Wujiapi wine for my dinner patriarch purposes. "Chua took out 5,000 yen, please Choi Mei Lanfang old chef prepare the finest cuisine, dinner in bed within the sub-Di veterans, explained the two negotiated solution. Six, seven days later, bed times told: Makino stretch significantly that the Chinese government would dare Tanaka memorial as international public statement, the Anglo-American public opinion royalist party can prevent Tanaka launched the policy of force, such as China can undertake this, Makino secret promise you to transcribe. Chua immediately put this opinion informers Wang Jiazhen. Forty-five days later, Wang Jiazhen telegraphic 5000 yuan, and a message said: "The bed fee five thousand yuan Bong returned (refer bed times banquet fee) whose disease If you want to Europe was a healer, I guarantee responsibility." Makino see the message overjoyed, said: "The throne can be preserved, but may be extended up to my old life." Moved for mountain Yong ordered his concubine brother about proper day official royal library, arrange Chua night into the inner Beater Tanaka memorial. Yechuang broken foot bridge copy of a secret chapter in June evening, Chua smuggling "broken foot bridge" to enter the palace. Japan's Imperial Palace gates XXIV Pianmen XXXVI, Huang police people wield watch, each in front of a long bridge, the Japanese call the "broken foot bridge", if there are any people diving Bridge, Huang police Required brandished a knife and cut off their feet, and then punished the crime of disrespect (the death penalty). According to Chua later recalled: "(Night) 11:50,Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Nike FC247 Collection Nike Bomba Finale II AG White Blue Black , I carry a dedicated royal yellow book stacks of large and small three forty skin, green raw silk lines regiment, silver cone three, size pin a package, posing as a complement Volume workers carry Makino Earl handed the gold circle 'royal temporary passage spleen' (number 72), by the foot of the mountain Yong leading the way, to reach the Imperial City. "0:50, the" red leaves mountain Mikado "into the stacks . "Tanaka memorial lines with the Japanese Cabinet memorial dedicated 'within the West Paper' fine repair is made, a total of six seventy, the label 'Prime Minister Tanaka memorial' I will charcoal acid-free paper loaded shop on the original, with a pencil in order to delineate The used carbon acid paper Department of Gerakan president dedicated thin quality paper, time-consuming and nights, carefully copied complete. "you're done, Chua overjoyed, telegraphed Wang Jiazhen:" I works both fruit, Ming to make amends. "the transcript secret hidden inside suitcases sandwich, personally Shenyang, Wang Jiazhen hand delivery closed. Wang moment undecided, and immediately sent Zhang pro the next day and was ordered to fly Nanjing reports. After Tanaka memorial meeting in the National League to become the two sides of words a big problem. Japanese Criticism Tanaka memorial to Chinese counterfeiting, Chinese representatives leaked this piece from the Japanese imperial system stacks ferreted out. The results caused the Japanese government to trace the royal library and all other official Yamashita Yong 28 people, all free government, the Japanese newspaper called "Chiang Kai-shek in Japan Ershibasu die from." Soon, Tsai Chih-Kan in jail, was also forcibly occupied private residence, has been unable to reclaim the individual industry value 2,000,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly CR VI FG White Yellow ,000 yen were also confiscated, which was a very large fortune. Tanaka Tanaka memorial memorial dispute the authenticity of public, caused sensation in the world, the Japanese invaders ambitions obvious. However, the authenticity of this memorial, the two sides hold diametrically opposed views. Japan always refers to it as forgery, Europeans and Americans are also skeptical. Until after World War II, June 28, 1946, Japanese prosecutors still to UPI reporter Department spokesman, said: "So far, I have not yet found the Japanese Army invasion plan, is the so-called field guide small memorial. I had a thorough search, but no results. Weici file system all the Japanese are forged. "main reason is that the file has not been found after the war the original text. However, not only by Tsai Chih-Kan wrote "How do I get Tanaka memorial" specific and detailed memories of the event and the entire process; and famous Chinese historian Luo also written in June 1946, entitled "Tanaka Memorial problems "The Textual article, found" not found "can not prove that the file did not exist; Chinese people have not so much the ability to be able to create a significant and far-reaching nature of this document, and the deep pass to fool the Japanese Nippon; most important and the most surprising thing is, after the Japanese invasion of policy implementation, the Tanaka Memorial pieces are fulfilled, if the document is fake, then who is really who forged the world's first prophet, overshadowed the religious history of all the prophets of! October 1955, Tsai Chih-Kan hometown in Taiwan due to illness, died aged 68.
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