Wikipedia card Trident Trident knife knife knife Trident (MOD Trident) is Masters of Defense (MOD) the company produced a knife, and its designers are well-known industry experts or fighting is a veteran member of the special forces, in addition, it is the most advanced materials and processes for the crystallization of. MOD is now more than 30 different products available to meet the needs of people of different survival, its production process is recognized as the industry's most advanced.


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MOD Trident - Trident knife from the early days of, MOD to redefine the mass production of the new standard tactical knife from various indicators, it is difficult to find than you It craft better durable production knives. Today, MOD has become a profession and special forces personnel fighting a common choice. As a real user and Navy Seal veteran Jim Watson personally designed Trident has been carefully designed the cone top. Like other MOD knife, craft error of 1/10, 000 inches or less, if any, silky smooth texture, workmanship is very delicate. "Trident endurance and quality is Jim Watson for his noble profession of honor manifestation of the importance of this kind of honor throughout his entire career, but also his self-development momentum." Edit this paragraph Brand Development Master Of Defense ( Defense Masters - Advanced Tactical knife to produce known) using the most advanced materials, computer controlled machining error control in the diameter of a human hair 1/30 range. Handle all MOD products are synthesized using the T-6 aluminum polished. This low temperature heat treatment blade is 154CM stainless steel alloy, and finally by experienced craftsmen hand-assembled forming, by means of the 21st century computer technology,Online discount stores On Sale Women Nike Air Max 2013 Purple shoes , to bring you accurate, rugged, perfect handmade knife new experience! And missile guidance systems based on the same technology, MOD cutter blade grinding using notches way more expensive,Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Adidas Adipure Cheap 11Pro TRX White Blue Black , but stronger cutting, grinding is much easier! All models are available in satin, pearl and new black carbon titanium nitride coatings three kinds of surface treatments,Nike Mercurial Vapor VII Superfly III Cristiano Ronaldo Gold Black Soccer Cleats, and part serrated blade two kinds of the blade peaceful way. The company's core tool design team led the MOD-Jim Ray of more than 30 series of applications under harsh conditions. These knives when necessary to save your life! They are recognized as the most advanced products tactical tool! Since the launch, they are black special forces defense sector as one of the tools available. Automatic version is designed for the military, fire departments and other law enforcement officers designed.
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