Foster illustrations, regardless of volume Encyclopedia of business cards "Foster graphic", regardless of volume, Ming Jiao Hong essays; Ming Goodwin sequence commentary; Ming Ding Yunpeng painted; bright yellow odd moment. Ming Wanli twenty-two years (1594) Jinling Kui wall vegetarian printed edition. Each half of the ten lines, word lines twenty, white, surrounded by unilateral. Frame height 24 cm, width 16.3 cm. Ming Wanli, Jiao Hong Prince speaking at the official, in order to persuade the eldest son of Emperor Zhu Luo Chang inherited feudal orthodoxy and collect and record compile into was "Foster graphic."


EDITORS FEATURES versions Edit this paragraph EDITORS Chiao Hung, the word weak Hou Yi Park number, and number Dan Park. Wanli seventeen years (1591) to successful candidates first Academy Award Xiuzhuan. By learning Gengding Xiang, Li Zhi Xiang Shan with. Rich collection of books, all hand from the revision, the "Jiao Shi Collection Project" vols. Jiao Shi erudition, good for the classical, typical positive training Ya. Well-known scholar of the Ming Dynasty. Wanli forty-eight (1620) Death, Death eighty. Tianqi Emperor speak when first reading grace toward rehabilitation officer, donated encyclical Germany, Shi Wen end. Author of "Dan Park Collection", "Jiao Shi pen by", edited with "Guo Chao record," "twenty-nine Son Collection of release assessment", "national history Jing Ji Zhi", "easy Quan", "Yu Gong solution ", etc. Edit this section features the first to Jiao Shi preface, the preface said high and the emperor elect elders Quebec base of disabilities, from kings to Prince tour, life in preaching the book Zhu Chen leisure, open Chen Mingjun Man for All Seasons, the story of filial loyal and Politics history, hardships and the like, but also difficult and ancient agricultural life Takayuki painted figure to enter in order to achieve the ins and outs with a lift. So to make things Jiao Hong levy real and knowable, follow the emperor's decree,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats ShoesNike Mercurial Safari Superfly III TRX FG Cleats 2012 Black Green Cristiano Ronaldo , adopted by the ancient words and actions can be funded admonish, Heritage and in order to pass it, in order to be like the painted figure, made "Foster graphic." "Foster graphic" text with commentary sixty, were each attached to one side of each figure a way to illustrate the form through historical allusions, ancient deeds, preaching the feudal ethics and norms of behavior. In the commentary, the authors seized on the issue, trying to explain the concept and Tsunatsune Confucian benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, the letter of the five German ideas, promote repair, Qi, Zhi Ping's King of the Road, exhorted princes from the subtle to make up, self-cultivation, in order to achieve the purpose of rule the world. For "Foster graphic" Drawing is the famous Ming Dynasty painter Ding Yunpeng. Ding Yunpeng,Online discount stores On Sale Nike Free 5.0 V4 Womens White Pink shoes , the word South feathers, St. Huaju Shi, Anhui Xiuning people, good at painting line drawing of Buddha, landscapes, figures, all exquisite. Book sixty illustrations painted carved fine, full of antiquity. Edit this paragraph Version "Foster graphic" version many, the late Ming Dynasty when there are twenty-one (1593) edition of Anhui Xuan Xin playing Tiger (carved yellow phosphonium), Wanli twenty-two years (1594) New An Wuhuai let Wanli Zhu Shilu printed edition and printed edition. Several more are not sub-volume. Kangxi Jiyou (1669) Cao is deleted, re-publication of the book cover courtroom drawing style, font and clear out a version of the same, but the book is divided into upper and lower volumes. As heir to the teaching culture of feudal rule, by the Qing rulers appreciated and valued, Emperor Qianlong of its poetry, Emperor Jiaqing praise for their work, to twenty-one years Guangxu Emperor Guangxu issued edicts, imperial poetry book and a Inscription enacted by Wu Ying, regardless of volume. Displayed on the screen is printed in the Ming Dynasty two years (1594) of the "Foster graphic", published by Jinling Kui wall fast. Zhaizhu Zheng Siming, character America, Shexian. Carved as Huang Qi. Selected two maps,Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes 2013 Adidas adizero F50 TRX FG Leather micoach Bundle Infrared white Black , one for "bedroom door as the meal" one for "meals denounced abalone", is based emperor, Emperor Wu's story illustrates the ancient gentleman of good self-cultivation truth.
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