End banquet feast


Introduction festival festival history was the development of year-end banquet feast specific introduction of modern enterprise commenced Edit this paragraph festival origins Profile Taiwan and the mainland, as elsewhere, the Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year is the most lively folk. Longest festival. Generally from the Lunar New Year on December 16 of the "Beano" to the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival (Lantern Festival) had finished, be considered all over, which lasted exactly one month. "Beano" Every year month day, fifth or two days, sixteen,Sale Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII TRX IC Indoor Soccer Shoes 2012 Blue Red , is a businessman and Taiwan businessmen in Fujian Earth God worship day of God, called "doing teeth." Done for the first two days of February tooth, called the "head teeth"; December 16 is the last one to do the teeth do teeth, so called "Beano." Beano is the business activity of the year, "end", but also ordinary people the Spring Festival activities "precursor."

end banquet feast

On this day, the common people of Taiwan home to burn as an offering to the Earth God gold Fudezhengshen (ie Earth God), but also set up in front of a bench for the flavors bowl, burning through clothing, silver paper,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats ShoesNike Mercurial Victory III TRX IC Indoor 2012 Fluorescent Green Black , to worship the Lord foundation (foundation of a house of worship on). Line numbers but also in the business today, big banquet staff to reward the hard work over the past year. Previously, if the boss is not ready to re-appointment in the coming year employees will be in the feast with beheaded at him, suggesting that dismissal was intended. However, this custom has disappeared. In addition to year-end banquet dinners increasingly popular in recent years, but according to tradition, the whole family gathered around together, "food Beano." Run the main food is bread and Yi Bao. Run Run pastry pie based on wrapping bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, bean in,Sale Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII TRX IC Indoor Soccer Shoes 2012 Black Solar Red , garlic, eggs, dry, tiger fur, peanut powder, fragrant tomato sauce and other foodstuffs. Yi Bao food in the package is pork belly, pickled vegetables, bamboo shoots, parsley, peanut powder, are the delicious local food. "Holiday development" year-end banquet feast "originally meant business is booming businesses hope the coming year, preparing good food wine to the Earth God" sumptuous meal, "pray for blessing. Edit this paragraph end banquet feast today," Beano "gradually evolved into enterprises reward employees year-end celebration. "end banquet feast" is the company's boss at the end of dinner company colleagues to give a bonus comfort weekdays hard last year to do so only once and now eat "Beano" has gradually evolved into an important annual gathering of the company , summed up a year's work, the boss announced important decisions, or even year-end bonuses in the "year-end banquet feast" on in the twelfth lunar month after sixteen, size enterprises should hold a grand banquet and party. Chairman, President These usually rare big boss will attend, and some will bring their families, they often changed the usual serious, rigid faces, dressed as film and television work or fairy tale characters, fun with all employees. sumptuous dinner after is the big get-together and sweepstakes, company executives, employees and guests with singing and dancing performances, entertain, middle gag, heighten the atmosphere. specifically in Taiwan, "Beano" is a very popular festival, which One day, ordinary people's homes must be prepared to sacrifice Sunday Ji Earth God, family reunion eat "Beano", "Run cake" (Xiamen called "pizza", similar to the mainland common "Fajitas"), in order to Fu Yu Runze coming home. was introduction of modern enterprise "Beano" this ancient festival, has also been introduced into modern enterprises in Taiwan enterprises, as well as investors in Taiwan backgrounds mainland coast and other places of business, in the end, will organize the staff to eat reunion dinner party, this party is called the year-end banquet feast in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places in Taiwan enterprises, is quite prevalent. example: Taiwan's richest man Terry Gou, Foxconn (Hon Hai in Taiwan called) every year in the mainland and Taiwan held two times Beano, during which not only would have taken millions of cash prizes. invited ling, Kevin Tsai, Wu Bai and other artists hosted or performances.
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