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Mikhail Mikhail Pavlovich · Zuoqin Ke (1895-1958): famous Soviet humor satirist, writing short stories quite good. He also wrote the novella, biographical novels and plays and so on. Zuoqin Ke "dog nose" Full Text: businessman Ye Lie Maiyi · Pablo there are pieces of gold raccoon fur coat gives stolen. Businessman gold leaf Liemai Yi · Pablo howl up. He really distressed leather coat this way. He said: "Gentlemen, I have the coat, but good stuff ah. Pity. Willing to spend my money, I can not not put this thief caught and I will spit in his face spittle." So, Ye Lie Maiyi · ; Pablo Kim called police dogs searched. Came one wearing cap, playing legging plainclothes, led a dog. Dog or a big head, hair is brown; pointy face, a countenance very unsightly. Plainclothes put the dog onto the door to smell the footprints, he "Hush," a cry will pushed aside. Police dogs sniffed, glanced toward the crowd (naturally surrounded by many onlookers), suddenly went to live in the fifth of a woman named Carly carat front, a relentlessly smell her skirt hem. Woman to hide in the crowd, the dog bite skirt. Woman ran to the side, it is also followed. In short,Mercurial Victory 2012 III TF White Blue Soccer Cleats, it is biting a woman's Qunjiao hold. Woman plop kneel in front of plainclothes. "It's over." She said, "I commit crimes friends, I do not deny." She said, "there are five barrels of wine yeast, which is not true. Well as a full winemaking belongings, which is also true that they hid in the bathroom. Put Well, I sent the police station. "People naturally startled out loud. "That's the coat it?" Someone asked. She said: "I do not know that fur coat, never heard of. Else truth. Taken away my right,Messi 7 Adidas F50 adizero TRX FG TPU Soccer Cleats Black Green White, throw it over you." This woman gave away. Plainclothes who held that big dog, and pushed it to smell footprints, said "Hush" and step aside. Dog rolled her eyes, nose sniffed, suddenly directed estate administrator ran. Administrators blanched, fell a overturned. He said: "Gentlemen, good ah, your consciousness is high, tied me up now, I received everyone's water, squandering a whole let me." Tenants have swarmed course, tied up to the administrator. This moment dog and go to the front of the tenant VII, a bite of his legs. The citizens of a sudden Mianrutuse, collapsed in front of the crowd. He said: "I am guilty, I am guilty that I altered the labor resume, hiding for a year. Logically, I am strong, and go military service to defend the country, but I can actually hiding in the seventh room, with a electricity, enjoy a variety of public welfare and ye took me catch up! "People tears, thinking:" This is what the dog article, so scary ah? "That businessman Ye Lie Maiyi · Pablo Kim, a trial winked. He looked around, took the money and handed plainclothes. "Get the dog pull go, see it's really a ghost. Throw a raccoon fur coat, I think luck. Throw to throw it ......" he was saying, the dog has come, do not stand in front of businessman banging their tails wagging. Businessman Ye Lie Maiyi · Pablo gold panic, turn around and walk the dog chasing the hold, and ran up to him to smell his pair of overshoes. Businessman scared face brush on white. He said: "God has eyes, Truly I say it, I myself am a bastard thief the coat, to be honest is not me, is my brother, and I also did not rely on the My Damn, I I really regret ah! "the crowd erupted coax fled. Dogs also refused to smell, the nearest two or three bite, bite on hold. These bits are also eleven confessed: a card game put public money to lose. One took a flatiron smashed his own wife. There is one, as people say that it is simply impossible to explain in words. Who ran a light, the yard will be empty, leaving the dog and plainclothes. Then plainclothes police dog suddenly went to him, and shake their tails. Plainclothes face steeply changed, suddenly fell to his knees in front of the dog. He said: "Buddy, you'll want to bite bite of it, you dog food costs, I took the thirty rubles, may himself misappropriated twenty rubles ......" Then what,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Limited EditionNike Mercurial Vapor IX CR SE TF Purple Green Black , I do not know. Dangerous place, can not stay, I will quickly shoving too.
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