Basic Information morphological characteristics of the living environment of plant morphology medicinal value Edit this paragraph the basic information Chinese name : crispus


Latin name : Rumex crispus L. Family: Polygonaceae Polyginaceae Chinese herbs Name: Rumex Alias: Ocean iron leaf plant morphology of this paragraph by the China Plant Image Gallery ( Institute of Botany ) provide and co-edited the whole plant crispus crispus roots crispus crispus floral foliage edit this paragraph morphology perennial herb, 50-100 cm . Taproot , stout . Stems erect, there is a shallow trench , usually unbranched , glabrous.


crispus ( 5 ) roots and leaves a long-handled ; leaves lanceolate or oblong- lanceolate, 15-25 cm long , 1.5-4 cm wide , glabrous , apex and both base attenuate, margin wavy folds ; stem portion Ye , with a short handle ; ocrea , copper -like, membranous. Inflorescence axillary racemes by the composition of several conical ,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats ShoesNike Mercurial Vapor VIII TF 2012 White Blue , apical long, 60 cm long ; flowers bisexual , the majority ; tepals 6 , arranged in two , inner tepals increased when in fruit , width, apex obtuse or acute, base cordate , margin entire or with indistinct teeth , there are reticulate, up to 5 mm , usually have tubercles are ovoid , size of the water one ; stamens 6 ; stigmas 3 ,Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes 2013 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX TF Deep Purple Fluorescent Green , brush -like . Achenes oval, with three edges, top tip , sharp, angular , 2 mm long ,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats ShoesNike Mercurial Vapor IX TF Nike Mercurial Glide III Silver Fluorescent Blue Green , brown , shiny. Flowering from June to July , fruiting July to August . Edit this paragraph living environment Born Tanabe , roadsides , wetlands or waters. Edit this paragraph medicinal value Medicinal parts: roots and all herbal ingredients used : root contains Chrysophanol (Chrysophanol), emodin (Emodin), pigments, organic acids, calcium oxalate , tannins , resins , sugars, starches , mucus quality and so on. Functions and Indications : detoxification , bleeding , constipation , insecticide. Treatment of epistaxis , bleeding, thrombocytopenic purpura , constipation , etc. ; topical treatment of hemorrhoids , acute mastitis, Wong Tai sores, boils , rashes and so on. Northern usually stuffed pillows its seed , which is more superior than the buckwheat pillow stuffing.
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