Wikipedia card corporate brochure corporate brochure corporate brochure paper material is generally a direct carrier, corporate culture, corporate products for the dissemination of content, is the most direct foreign enterprises, the most vivid, the most effective form of propaganda. Corporate brochure including the cover, ring lining, title page, prefaces, directories, inside, back cover several parts.


making skills of the role of the visual elements of the design features of the electronic version publicize accurate and truthful presentation detailed the fine print carefully disseminated widely circulated chic Expand edit this section cover generous and beautiful making skills


Corporate Brochure (15) to be generous and beautiful appearance, the best was a very lavish, can highlight or display corporate image, make people feel good on the senses. Can also use some processes. Although the cost will be relatively higher, but the effect can not be ignored. Culture and strength brochure was originally used to promote businesses, focusing on the corporate brand culture and economic strength reflected, which requires illustrations, promote corporate culture (company's history, mission, etc.), showing the strength of enterprises (Honours the scale of construction, products, equipment, execution, etc.), depicting a bright future enterprise (corporate planning, etc.), to attract the reader's eye, and enhance the reader's attention on the enterprise. Not too much inside inside pages are not to be too much, too many people will be tired of pages, just keep in 5-8 pages the best. And not too much text portion, preferably a picture to illustrate this. In terse language to achieve business publicity. If an enterprise has increased the amount of information in a number of deeds Web site or any major media to publicize the case then what should your company do a large site network transmission media write up, so if anyone is interested can also go directly to the website or see the TV media When will your company a little more profound memories. This reached a corporate propaganda purposes. Clear and simple language as the language is simple and clear, not like a big writer, after all, look at your company brochure cultural level of people is not the same. Best color is best color, do not do black and white, which is a manifestation of the grade. Paper Requirements corporate brochure printed in addition to considering the design, content layout elements, but also consider printing paper and printing process, which enhance the taste of publicity pictures and grade will be greatly affected. Edit this paragraph analysis first, brochure design to stand in brand building height. Many companies feel that "brochure Well, as long as you can do better, and nothing will look the enterprise market nothing much influence." This is a big mistake the! Publicity is never a good or bad, no intermediate evaluation, when the audience is defined as "general" when you may have passively out of the game. In this self-exposure of the society, it is definitely more than the brochure is your own, and only outstanding brochure will make your business stand out in a number of similar enterprises. Second, corporate brochure is to support the image of the vanguard army, will need to design a brand's personality. Once a business owner say: "brochure Well, not all that! Find learn about, copy copy it wants!" I would like to ask, is it your business to other people's footsteps always willing to bark bark shadow? Not every corporate culture are the same, just simple and fast, ignoring the specificity of brochure design, nature and artistic agency, then, at best, you are making a brochure just imitate others in the style of an imitation product obtained after Bale . Sets catwalk clothes of others, it is easy to imagine what induction. Effective brochure is a concentrated expression of firm characteristics, but based on the use of the direction of another focus. Or attach importance to product introduction, or the emphasis on corporate culture, or reflect the market value or based on investment analysis. In short, the purpose of its creation must be based on unity of purpose. Even Comprehensive sample must also have core values. Third, brochure design have foresight. Brochure is the corporate brand building is the important part of the corporate status of the establishment is a permanent process of accumulation, brochure design must be appropriate long-term vision, otherwise, today's ideas will be very easy to be overwhelmed by the tide of tomorrow. We do brand design, the most important thing is to see others do not see, think others would not think. In the brochure design, this point is particularly important. Like corporate brochure mobile facade, are generally designed to be a lifelong, randomly change is unlikely, unless the lack of confidence in the brand itself or encounter brand transition situations. Edit this paragraph the visual elements of the text as a visual image of the elements of the text, it first must be readable.

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Also, different font sizes and size variations and changes will bring a different visual experience. Text layout design is to enhance the visual effect of making personalized layout is one important means. In the brochure design, font selection and application of the first to facilitate the identification, easy to read, can not blindly pursue the effect leaving the text loses basic message across functions. Especially change the font shape, structure, the use of special effects or use calligraphy body, handwritten, the more should pay attention to their distinctiveness. Also note that the choice of fonts suitable for appeal purposes. Different fonts have different personality traits, and different content, style brochure design also requires a different font designs positioning: or solemn and dignified, or lively and relaxed, or elegant classical, modern or novelty. Starting from the subject matter, in the form of options or symbolically convey the contents coincide with the font. Throughout this brochure, the font changes should not be too much to pay attention to the selected font harmony between. Title or suggestive words may be appropriate to change the text font to a unified style. Text is organized to meet people's reading habits, such as the number of words per line is not too much to choose the appropriate kerning and line spacing. Different fonts can also be used to create a new layout style layout effect, giving readers a different visual experience. Graphics Graphics is a kind of image and color to visually dissemination of information, ideas and exchange ideas visual language that can transcend national borders, eliminate language barriers and enter the various fields to exchange and communicate with people, is a human universal visual symbols. In the brochure design, use of graphics can play the following roles: attention effect. Effective use of graphic visuals to attract the reader's attention. This instantly generate intense "remarkable results" and only graphics can be achieved. Look read results. Good graphic design can accurately convey theme, so that readers easier to understand and accept the message it conveys. Induction. The reader's curiosity Jom hunt, so that readers are attracted graphics, and thus lead to the line of sight words. Graphic technique of expression varied. A variety of traditional painting, photography techniques can produce outlook, graphic styles, images. In particular, the use of computer-aided design, greatly expanded the graphics creation and performance space. However, no matter by what means the performance, graphics design can be summarized as two areas figurative and abstract. Figurative graphic objects can be expressed objectively concrete shape, but also to show a certain mood. It is an intuitive image to convey the true form of beauty images, texture beauty, beauty of color, etc., realistic, easy to visually stimulate people's interest and desires, from the psychological to obtain people's trust. In particular, some of the products has a beautiful appearance, often through the use of real pictures exquisite design brings pleasant feelings. Because it is these characteristics, figurative graphics brochure design still dominant. In addition, the figurative graphic is a favorite and easily accepted form of visual language. Figurative use of graphics to convey a concept or product information, not only can enhance the expressive and convincing picture, improve picture attracts attention value, and can convey fruitful. It should be noted that the figurative graphics, image selection, use to concentrate on the theme, you need to go through a rigorous screening process and refined, it should be specific graphical representation of sublimation, rather than a simple list of picture image, patchwork. The use of non-realistic abstract graphic abstract visual language performance of promotional content, is a highly concept of performance. In the brochure design, abstract graphics performance range is very wide, particularly in modern technology products, because of their inherently abstract beauty factor, with abstract graphics easier to demonstrate its essential characteristics. In addition, for some poor image or no image of the specific product or some graphic content and product performance more difficult as appliances, to adopt abstract graphics performance can achieve better results. Abstract chart simply concise formal beauty and strong distinctive visual effect, is intended to enhance the aesthetic and reflects the spirit of the times, compared with a more figurative graphic modern, symbolic, typical. Abstract Expressionism can be subject to any performance skills and object bondage, free from the limitations of time and space, expanding brochures performance space. No matter how graphic abstract level, and ultimately leave the reader to accept, therefore, in the design and use of abstract drawing, abstract forms should be consistent with the subject matter, expressing the content or nature of the object. In addition, to understand and master the psychological and enjoy people's aesthetic habits, enhance relevance and adaptability, making abstract graphics convey information accurately and to play its due role. Figurative and abstract graphic pattern has its own advantages and limitations, therefore, brochure design process, two kinds of manifestations sometimes occur simultaneously or in a manner mutually fusion occurs, as in abstract form in the performance of outstanding products figurative . Should be designed according to different ideas and objects using different expression. Color brochure design in various elements, the color is an important component. It can create an atmosphere, express theme, strengthening layout visual impact, a direct result of people's attention and emotional reaction; On the other hand, you can also reveal the subject in more depth and image of personality characteristics, and strengthen awareness efforts, giving impressed in the transmission of information at the same time giving the joy of beauty. Color brochure design should be a holistic approach, focusing on color relationships between the various elements of the overall unified to form the subject matter can fully reflect the fundamental tone; into the surface to consider color brightness, hue, contrast and purity of each factor tune the relationship . Designer shades for an accurate grasp of the subject, the overall impression is formed that can help readers better understand the topic. In the brochure design, the use of color and color the symbol of commodity associations, such as the color symbolizing the law, can enhance the effect of commodity convey. Different types of commodities often coincide with their sense of color to the performance, such as food, electronic products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. the use of color have a greater difference; while the same type of product in accordance with its purpose, characteristics can be further subdivided. Such as food, in general most use of high purity, clean colors to express the feeling; including red, orange, yellow and other warm colors can better express color, smell, taste and feeling, causing a person's appetite, so the performance of the food application of more; brown used to represent a number of bitter chocolate or coffee flavor food; green gives a fresh feeling, commonly used to represent vegetables, fruits; blue cool feeling, commonly used to express the frozen food, refreshing drinks. In the use of color in the process is necessary to pay attention to the performance of a typical common, but also to express their individuality. If you are using color flow in the same, will lose the fresh visual impact. This requires the design of a variety of conventional or customary break with color limit, the courage to explore, according to the content of the performance or product features, design innovative, unique color style. In short, brochures color design promotional materials both from the content and characteristics of the product, there are certain similarities, but also in the same design, unconventional, with a unique personality. So as to strengthen the recognition and memory, to achieve good visual effect. We arranged layout design chapter describes the various scheduling methods, rules, equally applicable to brochure design. It should be noted that, in the form of brochures, Folio much more varied, the design should be treated differently according to different situations. Page fewer, smaller brochure, the design should make the layout feature prominently; colors and image you want to clear outstanding; layout design elements; larger main text may be appropriate. More page brochure, due to the performance of more content, in order to achieve unity, the overall feeling in the choreography should pay attention to the use of the grid structure; relationship to stress change of pace, to retain a certain amount of space; between colors relationship should be maintained overall harmonization. To avoid a single page only pay attention to the design surface effect can not grasp the overall situation, the following methods can be used to control the overall effect: first determine creative ideas,Online discount stores On Sale Nike Zoom Kobe VI Orange shoes , determined according to the budget format and number of pages; and graphic content in accordance with specification layout will be scaled down arranged together in order to fully observe and compare, reasonable adjustments. Identify the factors CCP entire book, setting a standard or a shared image of the main factors of these arrangements before designing other factors. Throughout the book, grab a few key points, a point to be controlled in the overall layout, to achieve unity in change, change and seek unity, to achieve harmony, the perfect visual effect. Edit this paragraph electronic version of the electronic version of the corporate brochure, namely the enterprise electronic brochure, is to elaborate enterprise made the electronic version of the brochure published to the network, is to pictures, videos, sounds, text together in a kinds of new corporate web promotion techniques, with traditional brochure fflippage. Can be used to show exhibitions, product promotion, display and other samples. Edit this paragraph effect is well known that people buy a product, especially in some mechanical equipment, electronic products, not just based advertising campaign, but also to obtain information from different media manufacturing company's technical level, economic strength, service and other aspects of the consultation ,2013 Limited Edition Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR SE FG Fluorescent Green Blue Black Soccer Cleats , and then a comprehensive comparison before deciding to buy objects. Theory of the CIS, the company has its own face (product packaging and VI), thinking (MI) and behavioral (BI), so some companies in order to allow customers to learn more about the above areas. Control the overall layout, to achieve unity in change, change and seek unity, to achieve harmony, the perfect visual effect. Edit this paragraph propaganda design features accurate and truthful advertising brochures and posters are both visual figurative designs. Performance skills through image in advertising works in the shape of a person lifelike realism art image products to attract consumers to accept advertising theme, in order to achieve accurate description of goods, sales promotion purposes. Meanwhile brochure advertising products can also be supplied real kind, such as textile fabrics, specialty paper, decorative materials, cleaning supplies, etc., more intuitive publicity. Introduction carefully detailed suggestive poster, based on the flow of the main demands of consumers object. So the pursuit of instant visual-inflammatory effects, emphasizing its attention rate and strong visual impact. The brochure and poster advertising is different, it can guarantee long advertising appeals effect of making consumer advertising has carefully taste room. Therefore, you should carefully detailed brochure describes the product's performance characteristics and use. Also can provide various types and different angles of product photographs and works drawings, scientific trial data, charts, etc., a reasonable choice for the user, using the proper operation and maintenance. Has a chic glossy brochures approximate magazine advertising media advantages,Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Adidas Predator Blue XI TRX FG Cleats Light Yellow Blue , namely the fine print, intensive rate, relatively speaking it is not available in poster advertising. Therefore brochure to take full advantage of modern advanced printing technology printed image fidelity, vibrant image of products and services to attract consumers. The same time through vivid language, articulated and ad copy to make brochures illustrated the visual advantage, effectively convey advertising messages to convince consumers of products and services it has left a deep impression. Disseminated widely circulated brochures, can be a lot issued, mailed to dealers or with the goods sent to the user. Or through product fairs, trade fairs will be distributed to the audience, so that the advertising of products or services information widely circulated. Because brochure mailed Folio smaller and therefore easy to carry. Meanwhile some sample data can also be used as long-term preservation techniques.
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