Nina hydropower


Nina Nina hydropower station construction project in Qinghai Province progressing smoothly , and has completed 1.24 million cubic meters of earth and stone , 340,000 cubic meters of concrete , dam gantry crane , bridge crane and other metal structures plant installation works are in full swing , mechanical and electrical installation work is also embedded into the peak period. Nina hydropower project before construction began in 1996 to work in 1999 for various reasons halted construction in June 2000 under the auspices of Qinghai investment company complex construction , investment company controlled by the Qinghai Sanjiang Hydropower Development Co. Company to develop, is the first independently developed by the Qinghai large hydropower . Nina is a medium-sized river hydroelectric power station , models for the bulb , in the Yellow River hydropower construction of this model is the first time . Hydropower unit capacity of 40,000 kilowatts , with a total installed capacity of 160,000 kilowatts ,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Messi 7 Adidas F50 adizero TRX FG TPU Leather Black , the annual generating capacity of 760 million kwh . Nina station is a medium-sized hydropower stations daily regulation , smaller storage capacity from more sand . Nina Hydropower Guide County,Nike Mercurial 2012 Vapor IX AG Blue Platinum Orange Black Soccer Cleats, Qinghai Province is located on the territory of the Yellow River , upstream from the dam site LAXIWA 8.6km, Longyang Station 41km. Dam from Xining highway mileage 124km ( linear distance 80km), to downstream Guide County highway mileage of about 20km. Nina is a third-class medium-sized hydropower project engineering hub from the left bank of the dam , on the left bank sluice , sluice bottom outlet , power plant dam ( flushing hole ) , on the right bank dam , on the right bank open spacious style 110KV switching station , the dam and into the Factory road , Nina ditch protection and other components. Design normal water level 2235.5m,2013 Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FG Deep Purple Fluorescent Green , crest elevation 2238.2m, the maximum height of 50.9 m, a total capacity of 026.2 million m3, total installed capacity of 160MW.
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