Lumbar intervertebral foramen lumbar intervertebral foramen surrounded by the vertebral arch rear and constituted the lumbar intervertebral foramen linked into spinal canal , from 1 to waist waist 2 The following contains cauda equina , is an important neural pathways , there are two vertebral foramen diameter: foramen vector went ahead to two vertebral lamina joint most prominent place ; foramen diameter , as both sides of the pedicle protruding between the inner edge of the widest distance. Diameter of the spinal canal in two to the radius vector is most important, is generally believed that if the sagittal diameter of less than 13mm,Football Boots 2013 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FG Nike Mercurial Glide III Silver Fluorescent Blue Green , diameter of less than 18mm,Online discount stores On Sale Men Nike Air Max 2013 Pink shoes , can be defined as spinal stenosis , such as less than 10mm is absolutely stenosis. Radius vector of each vertebral foramen in the waist 3 min . Pathological changes in circumstances, such as lumbar disc herniation , lumbar spinal stenosis ,Football Boots Soccer Cleats Shoes Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III TF White Blue Volt , lumbar 4 can be minimized.
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