Snow Flower


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Snow Flower

fame: white lace flower Alias: White ribbon flowers, snow Zhu Hua, lace flower Genus: Plumbaginaceae, Plumbago genus Edit this paragraph morphology


Snow Flower (3) annual flowers, imported from Europe. Color white, umbel, apical, 3-4 cm by many flowers room flowers gathered together, and then by the 50 or so assembled into inflorescence flower room, its inflorescence diameter of about 15-20 cm. Plant height 50-80 cm, or even higher; pinnate, leaflets lanceolate or oblanceolate. Flowering in spring, suitable for cut flowers,nike mercurial vapor 2013, potted plants or flower beds. Likes the cold climate, the summer exceed 30 ℃, or below 5 ℃ consecutive winter cold, the plants easily debilitating. Edit this paragraph Cultivation is generally used seed propagation, this flower seeds, and celery seeds approximation. Sowing in August to next January, from January to June the following year flowering, seed germination optimum temperature 20 ℃, the number of days 10-14 days germination, growth temperature of 15-18 ℃. Need to do before sowing seed vernalization treatment, the seeds were soaked with emery cloth wrapped, placed in the refrigerator for about one week before removing sowing. Planting medium to pH5.0-6.0 of sandy loam, the soil can be added View more One (14-12-14) as basal; germination found if too dense plant growth,Adidas Adipure Cheap V 11Pro XTRX TF White Black Pureple Soccer Cleats, are available at the 1-2 leaf pieces around the heel first, prone to blight during the period of breeding, so need to use black mesh shade, making it cool; until the leaves 4-5 pieces when (approximately 30-40 days after sowing around), re-colonization, Remember to fully watered after planting, try to keep cool in its early survival. Fertilizer management, the use of savings and more regularly dressing One can, after the flowering period changed to phosphorus than spend precious III (10-30-20) promote flowering; moisture management, planting early, pay attention to whether the drainage is good, and the need for full irrigation not allow dry.


Snow Flower (6) Edit this paragraph title song Snow Flower (song)


yoo young seok Song Pan Sword month term - with your acquaintances will now think like a fairy tale red cheeks when you say that all this is God's fate no one can stop the pace - not much Huaqianyuexia I'm worried about your back as you said I was an angel sent by God glistening snow innocence - my love, like snow flowers bloom for you for you my love flying like snow melting love you can not get to spend not much Huaqianyuexia MUSIC I'm worried about your back as you said I was an angel sent by God glistening snow innocence - my love, like snow flowers bloom for you for you my love, like flying melting snow flower love you can not get - love you never get away - Edit this paragraph legend snow flower - innocence legends are born beautiful princess Assyrian empire, attracted the admiration of the new king of Babylon, but the princess is very indifferent to the king, the new king of Babylon shortly thereafter launched a war against the Assyrian Empire, and captured the princess living in Nineveh, when the new king of Babylon went to the princess's palace and found the princess had committed suicide the next day around the city of Nineveh to grow a snow white flowers,mercurial vapor, exudes pure beauty . [1]

Snow Flower

blue snowflakes - melancholy legend of ancient Rome in the second century BC, there is a good girl and her boyfriend in love, then seduce the boy was frog witch, magic made him Gradually neglected girl. Girl sitting in the window all day crying in front of blue snowflakes, the truth finally touched God, the heavenly gods make this doll dangling from the crane - the god of love, on her bed, finally revealed the prototype frog witch escaped, the boy back to the girl's side, the girl has to come alive. [1]

blue snowflake 

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