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Introduction Qin's North County area in the range of administrative divisions in the Western Han North County area in the range of administrative divisions Mayor Han's North County area in the range of administrative divisions Mayor Wei and Jin's North County area in the range Administrative divisions Sui, Tang home North County North Gunji's migration to move the base case scenario Fuping moved three related historical Expand edit this section Introduction North County, Qin Zhaoxiangwang thirty-six years (271 years ago) after the set off Yiqu, One junior sixteen Qin County, Gunji righteousness QuXian (in this Qingyang City Southwest). North Western Han Dynasty Gunji Maling County (now Gansu Qingyang City in the southeast of Central County Ma Zhen). Gunji Eastern Han Fuping (in this Ningxia Wuzhong City and near the city), the latter due Qiang rebellion, Wing early years (111 years), the North County Resettlement pool County (Jingyang County in Shaanxi Province and Sanyuan County nearby). Han Yongjian four years (129 years), North County moved back in place (Fuping). Yonghe six years (141 years) spring, Zheng Xi Qiang generals Ma Yin to defeat death, Han panic, the North County moved Feng Yi County (Gunji gaoling, now Shaanxi Gaoling SW) [1]. Emperor Ling of Han Zhongping fifteen years (185 years), the North Fuping County in the past 46 years "send rationale" of the day, finally going back to the site from Feng Yi. But only to move to Pengyang circles on the walk, this time is the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Yellow Turbans, local warlords, the frontier is not peace, but to move back west again, and finally settled in Shaanxi Nationwide, which is today Shaanxi Fuping County. Han Jian eighteen years (213 years), North County Fuping rule change (within the resettlement has been Shaanxi Fuping, not before migration Wuzhong City in this southwest), the q switching Yu Feng Yi San Guowei excluded as North County real soil (now Shaanxi Yaoxian, Fuping, with the official), North County sent governance becomes a reality by the soil. Wei and Jin Gunji are mud County. Edit this paragraph Qin's North County area in the range the old system Ningxia, Gansu, Qingyang,Adidas F50 TF, Pingliang, Guyuan, states from the state government to Jing Han Yi Qu, now in northwest Gansu County. Administrative divisions according to Mr. Wang Quchang of research, Qin jurisdiction over the county to test those who are:

Qin territory (North County in the upper left)

Qu Yan Agatanoatae Lu County except Yu Zhi Dao County Clay County County, QinHuiWen set when the king. Yi Qu County, QinHuiWen eleven years (327 years ago) position. Edit this paragraph Han's North County area in the range the old system Ningxia, Gansu Qingyang two government land, governance horse collar, Central County, Gansu Province in southeast today. According to the administrative division, "Han" records, the Han Emperor Ping Yuanshi years (two years), there are 64,461 households, population 210,688. Collar County 19: Horse collar counties as well as Lu Ling County Lingwu County Fuping county, Han Emperor Hui four years (191 years ago) position. Xu Yan Fang Qu County County County Road Fifth Street counties except quail isolated county to the county by the county back slightly Mud River Road, County Yu Zhi Yi County righteousness channels to county residents County Magistrate Li Guang Lian County, when the Han emperor. Zhangyan Shou (? ─ before 65 years), moved Taipu. DU sickness (before 65 years ─?) Taninaga (─ 12 years ago 10 years ago), moved to the Secretary for Agriculture. Edit this section of the Eastern Han North County area in the range of the Later Han resettlement, cure Fuping, in this city and the Ningxia Wuzhong City neighborhood, after several migration, internal migration has Fuping County Fuping County, Shaanxi. An Diyong early years (111 years), Migration of North County Chi Yang (now Shaanxi Sanyuan County, North); emperor Yongjian four years (129 years), but also cure old soil; Yonghe six years (141 years), and Xi Ju Feng Yi County border. Since then more than 100 years, the North County lost no restoration of the old soil, always ignited in the original Feng Yi-west, caught in Feng Yi, Fufeng between two county. Emperor Ling of Han Zhongping fifteen years (185 years) in Fuping County in the past 46 years "send rationale" of the day, finally going back to the site from Feng Yi. But only to move to Pengyang circles on the walk, this time is the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Yellow Turbans, local warlords, the frontier is not peace, but to move back west again, and finally settled in Shaanxi Nationwide, which is today Shaanxi Fuping County. According to the administrative division, "Han" records, Han Emperor Yonghe five years (140 years), there are 3122 households, population 18,637. Collar County 6: Mud Fuping County Habitat County Lian Yi County ginseng County, the old county is stable, and spirit counties. Mayor Feng Yi (30 years ─?) Liu Shun (? ─ 68 years), corruption is free. LIAO □, Han Andi Yong junior chaos due Xiqiang free. Cao Fengzhong, when he was Emperor Han'an. Sheng package (? ─ 115 years), the Qiang people in office were killed. Holiday Gifts, Han Emperor Yonghe see six years in office. Liu Gui, Han middle office. Edge Shao Han Huan when he was. Huangpu Song, Emperor Ling of Han novice. Xia Yu (? ─ 174 years), moved WuHuan Captain. Fan Jin, Emperor Ling of Han when he was. Wang Ji However, when he was Emperor Ling of Han. Segment simmer, any late Eastern Han Dynasty. Search Cham. Edit this paragraph Wei and Jin's North County area in the range Governance mud Yang (Clay County), but also overseas home in this Shaanxi Yaoxian (now replaced Yaozhou District) southeast. San Guowei exclusion of q switching Yu Feng Yi County North County real soil (now Shaanxi Yaoxian, Fuping, with the official), North County sent governance becomes a reality by the soil. According to the administrative division and Yang Chen Qian Yi Ji "Three will be" recorded when the collar counties and Western Jin Wei same. According to the "Book of Jin" records, the Western Jin Dynasty when households 2600, the population is unknown, there are two collar counties: Clay County Fuping County. At this point the mud Yang Ji Jin Shaanxi Yaoxian southeast, Shaanxi Fuping County Fuping now the mud Yang, Fu average is the old name of the earth. Edit this paragraph Sui, Tang home North County Sui Dynasty (605), change the state for the North County Ning, cure Ding'an (now Gansu County governance). The following year, changed the North County as Bin states, eight great cause, change Bin state for the North County. TangWuDe first year (618), changed the North County as Ning. Not thereafter reset North County. Edit this paragraph Gunji's migration moved north to the base case scenario, according to the domestic authoritative dictionary "Dictionary of Chinese history," reads: "Fu Ping, Qin. Rule today Wuzhong City Southwest. Genus North County. Han to North Gunji . Yuanchu four years (117 years), Ren Shang, Ma Yin Qiang war with the first zero on the river in Fuping, namely this. Yonghe six years (141 years) due Qiang chaos, North County Inland, sojourn Feng Yi, old soil abandoned reset Shaanxi Fuping County Fuping County West today, county split. "(" Dictionary of Chinese History: Historical Geography Volume "[M] Chinese Historical Geography Historical Dictionary Compilation Committee, Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House, 1996:919 ) North County [2] was first established in the Qin Dynasty, Qin unified the world are set to one of 36 county, Gunji Yiqu (now Gansu county northwest). Extension to break the Western Han Dynasty territory, divided the world for 13 states, the formerly Yongzhou North County was placed under a new set of ShuoFang provincial governor ①, Gunji probably moved north Maling (now Gansu Qingyang Xian Northwest). To the Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Jianwu eleven years (AD 35 years), "provincial ShuoFang (county) income and the state" ("Book of Jin on Geography"), which set liangzhou strike Yongzhou, North County classified cool under the jurisdiction of the state, county town of Fuping (now Wuzhong SW); late Eastern Han Dynasty of North County, send Governance Feng Yi County boundary (the area north of the Weihe River). Not in the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Xian of Han Jian eighteen years (213 years), "provincial governor cool to and Yongzhou department" ②, North County became merged Yong, cool two states as one of Yongzhou County after 22. San Guowei exclusion of q switching Yu Feng Yi County North County real soil (now Shaanxi Yaoxian, Fuping, with the official), North County sent governance becomes a reality by the soil. Wei II, although successively divided liangzhou Yongzhou, Qinzhou ③, but North County an immediate Yongzhou unchanged, ④ Gunji positive change in the mud. North Gunji in the Eastern Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties successively in Fuping, mud Yang, in this place where the note, you must contact Qiang Hu intrusion situation was to be determined, do not pay attention very easy to make a mistake. Gunji North Western Han Dynasty moved north from the Yiqu Maling should contact North County Extension Territory border to the northwest Ningxia far beyond relevant. "Han Geography" according to Han Emperor Ping Yuanshi years (AD 2 years) that is not in the world accounts Han territory circumstances described North County collar counties nineteen. Which has jurisdiction over the northwest Fuping, spiritual state, in this county south Ningxia; southeast direction mud Yang, Yi channels, in this thing Gansu County, Shaanxi Province and abuts staggered. Extension of the Western Han Dynasty Shoubian territory, territory peaceful, needless to say. However, after the chaos of Wang Mang, after the establishment of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Northern Territory Qiang Hu insurgency has intensified intrusion, always plagued the Eastern Han regime. Early Eastern Han Dynasty, the North County is LongYou warlord Wei Xiao's sphere of influence, Qiang Hu entrenched, Idea internal migration. Emperor Jianwu twenty-six years (AD 50), the North and other Bianjun "county residents attributed to local", "castle Qiu Hui, sweeping more" ("Chronicle" volume four). An Diyong early years (111 years), Migration of North County Chi Yang (now Shaanxi Sanyuan County, North); emperor Yongjian four years (129 years), but also cure old soil; Yonghe six years (141 years), and Xi Ju Feng Yi County border. Fu Xuan thereafter until death, 100 years, North County lost no restoration of the old soil, always ignited in the original Feng Yi-west, caught in Feng Yi, Fufeng between two county. Han once, within three North County resettlement, even if also cure old soil, war castle has been destroyed, "wasteland" and "more", apparently no longer what you want where, according to Han names, the change is no doubt. First, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the collar North County Fuping, Lingzhou two county could not possibly remain with the old haunt. "Han county annals five" out of North County has six cities, more than 3100 households, population 18,000, is less than the Western Han Dynasty collar counties 1/3 of the population compared with the Western Han Dynasty (64000 households, more than 210,000 population) , actually is not 1/10. "Six City" in there Fuping (Gunji resides), mud yang, spiritual state. "Gun Chi" is based Yonghe five years (AD 140 years) for statistical territory, and had since then, the North County had a history of internal migration. Statistical scenario illustrates, North County Feng Yi is used only within the state after the actual account book. Because "gun Chi" also documented counties from Kyoto Luoyang mileage. North County in the "Luo Yang West one thousand one hundred years," Jingzhao in the "Luo Yang West nine hundred and fifty years," stability county in the "West Qian Qi Luo Yang Barry." This shows that the North Gunji Fuping distance Jingzhao Chang'an close, when Chang Feng Yi northwest territory, and from the stability Gunji Pro Jing (now Gansu Trail River County, North) are still 600 miles away. Fuping, Lingzhou two counties, Han Han's North County territory has its name, the specific location, but whenever necessary, and can not be inherited and use. ① Gu throated just "Han state system test" (set before the Institute of History and Philology, "Mr. Cai Yuanpei celebrate 65 Proceedings") has detailed examination. Tan Qixiang editor of "Historical Atlas of China," the second volume of pictures for Han Gu adopted conclusions. ② "Later Han Baiguan Chi five 'note cited" Emperor Xian Confidential Memorandum. " ③ Wendi throne (220 years), the Yong, cool divide and conquer. Western Jin Wudi Tai began five years (269 years), Yong, cool new home Qinzhou between the two states. ④ "Three Kingdoms Fu Gu Chuan" Pei note cited "Fuzi" said: "Li Feng and (Fu) longevity with the state." Li Feng is Feng Yi people, ranking Sansuke land, is Yongzhou; Migration of Feng North County Yi territory, on the liangzhou change is Yongzhou, and so the two can be called "the same state." Secondly, the Eastern Han Dynasty North County within the first resettlement and old soil retreatment after the "spiritual state," has not the spirit of the Western Han Dynasty to the old state and the new horse collar placed in the vicinity of the Western Han Dynasty Gunji. "Chronicle" Kango ○ records, Antiquorum Yuanchu three years (116 years), the first zero Qiang Deng hit in compliance spiritual state. Lee Hyun-note "spiritual state", saying: "Old City in this County, northwest of Gyeongju horse collar." Which is now the northwest Gansu Province, Qingyang Xian. ① until Cao Weijia flat five years (253 years) Sima Zhao Ping army "New Pingqiang" (New Mercedes Benz Bin County, Shaanxi Province today), "Yao Bing spiritual state" ("Book of Jin Wen Ji"), can also explain the Eastern Han Dynasty After the term "spiritual state" is no longer near Ningxia today, and in the "new level" to the north of the Western Han Dynasty horse collar area. Saibei original Han Ling Zhou Jincheng, Fuping of the land, the Eastern Han Dynasty long as the first, according to a zero-Qiang Ding Qiang Xi City is an important stronghold. Yonghe six years (141 years) East Xiqiang combined potential, the then prefect of the North County Holiday Gifts rate was advancing soldiers shot Gushan (now Gansu Province, Qingyang Xian Northwest) to fight and defeat the Qiang people go, it can prove that the North County Gansu Province, Qingyang Xian long retreat far south. Therefore, the "Chronicle" in Hu Note Han North County often Tang Ning Zhou (now County of Gansu Province area) alleged regarded territory under the jurisdiction of county land. Finally, when the North County Wei Migration of Feng Xu, Gunji Clay County is no longer the Han Dynasty old haunt. Clay County displace in this southeast Gansu County, named because of the sun at the muddy water. Han Yong six years (141 years) after the fall of North County, internal migration Feng Yi, Wei long time unchanged. "Book of Jin on Geography" contains: North County "unified county two, indoor two thousand six hundred." The traditional two counties as mud Yang, Fu Ping, mud where the sun is Gunji, now the southeast of Shaanxi Yaoxian; Shaanxi Fuping County Fuping Ji Jin. Mud Yang, Fu average is the old name of the earth. As for the North County's account, it is clear than the Eastern Han Dynasty See also decreased. Moreover, according to the West Jin Shijiang reunification "resettlement Rong theory," a text recount of view, Han North County residents do not have half Qiang Hu, "and the Chinese miscellaneous office." Seen in the history books "North Qiang," "North Hu," according to Mr. Tang Zhangru opinion referred to as the race name, does not mean living in the time of the North County. ① "North Qiang" in Wei and Jin Malan mountain enclave in the south and Feng Yi, North Erjun connection; "North Hu" refers to the flow in the territory of the North Han Dynasty Lu Shui Hu, Xianbei and so on. Once the rebel harassment, "North Qiang," "North Hu" will be submerged, causing wells within the North County of Qiang Hu mixed response, together rebellion rebellion. Han did not, when Wei called "North Qiang," "North Hu", and then the North County are related, but not the same thing. We spent the ink is not superfluous, but with Fu Xuan lineage related. Grandfather Fu Xie Fu Xuan Ji county in the "Han" in the biography called "spiritual state of the North", and Fu Xuan's "North mud Yang" is different, if viewed in isolation without contact North County Historical Changes background, I am afraid it is difficult to say clearly. Eastern Han Dynasty, the spiritual state of the East moved to the Western Han Dynasty horse collar neighborhood (Han North County No horse collar), still the spiritual state of the Western Han Dynasty marked ② is inappropriate. North Fourier initially moved north by the Yiqu horse collar, is the result of changes with Gunji; Han waste horse collar and resettlement spiritual state, but also into a spiritual state of people. Han did not, the North Central Plains original habitat is not a dominion, the only North Gunji within and into the mud with the new migration Yang, Fu Yang had called mud people. "Song Fu Hong Chuan," said: Fourier old spiritual state, county territory of the Han did not catch a prisoner, lost territory to send Feng Yi, Yang mud home, Fuping two counties and spiritual state waste can not stand, so the Fourier Yang noted is mud. ① Tangdu You "Tongdian" volume one hundred sixty-three "gun three" mind "Gyeongju. Maling counties" of also that: "Han Ling county Old City (MA) Lingbei, with mountains in the northwest." This Note coincide with Hu. ① Senate "miscellaneous Hu Wei test", "History of the Wei FORUM", Joint Publishing 1955 edition. ② Tan Qixiang editor of "Historical Atlas of China," the second volume Han framing diagram, the spiritual state of North County, Han Fuping still haunt the location marked; people also, according to note in this place. North County Acts clarify governance background, a good understanding of this passage. Just "old spiritual state," a phrase, when the spiritual state of the Eastern Han Dynasty in terms of where is. Fuping moved three reading ancient history knows, Qin and Han dynasties, the land of Wuzhong in Ningxia have Fuping County. Modern science has found that human geography: Ancient Fuping disappeared from the map of Ningxia; while on the ground in today's Shaanxi Fuping appeared one. According to research, on the ground today, Shaanxi Fuping County is moving from the ancient past that Wuzhong Fuping County. 214 BC (Qin Shihuang thirty-three years), Qin Meng Tian was ordered north by the Huns, recovered, including Ningxia, including large tracts of land, the Wu Zhongping original and its surrounding "fertile land of seven hundred years," named "New QHD "(with the" Qin in "that distinguish Guanzhong), and along the river to build 44 (some say 34) county. Fuping is set in the year. Fuping northern Ningxia is one of the earliest county set, dating back more than 2218 of history, than the "spiritual state" (also set in the historic city of Wuzhong on the ground, set the time: BC 191 years) 23 years of history still early . Historians generally finds that: Fuping exact position on the plot near Wuzhong today, which is the Northern Wei Diao Yong Zoubiao according to the "ten miles southwest of Fuping Hasan ......" and Li Tao Yuan "Waterways" said: Yellow water "over the North and North West Fuping County. river opposite side of two mountains, the water out of the meantime, that is also on the River Gorge, the world that's Castle Gap." "Hasan" is now Gap Mountain and Niushoushan Pan said, "on the River Gorge, Castle Gap" Ji Jin Qingtongxia, they relate to the plot of the relative position and distance just with Diao Yonghe Li Tao Yuan said match. Fuping County mountains with streams, geographic situation is very important, into the whole Ningxia Plain can administer treatment, withdrawal can be entrenched to be aid; another Yellow River "sticks Tianjin" irrigation benefits, agricultural development earlier, is an extremely affluent places. "Fuping moved three" things that happened in the Eastern Han Dynasty. First move: Chi Yang Han (25-220 AD) period, the North County (Gunji in Fuping) has become the main residence Qiang. These have been the Government's submission Han Qiang, more and more people, more and more powerful forces, but the political status is very low, suffering land Fang Xiaoli, cunning rogue political oppression and economic exploitation. They "or ignorant Cong Yu Haoyou hand, or inflection of the ground in bondage." "Officials who are Haoyou the lord, the plot to Chouyuan." In the plight of the Qiang people, constantly riots. The early Eastern Han Dynasty Wing (107 years), Deng Empress reign, decided to take the Western Regions Frontier Wada soldier withdrew inland, they levy made Jincheng (Maryland), Longxi, Tianshui Qiang army cover. Zheng Qiang Xu was scared away from home, can not go home, come near Jiuquan, they have to escape. Court orders his troops to intercept the nearby counties, but also all the houses along the Qiang people torched. Qiang forced to desperation, had to revolt. Eastern Han Dynasty sent cavalry general Deng stallion, Captain Zheng Xi Ren Shang troops conquests. The results of the Ping-hsiang in Hanyang a battle, Renshang Jun defeated, more than 8,000 people died. Wing junior middle years (108 years), the Qiang tribe chieftains Yunnan zero captured Fuping, and this is called "Son of Heaven." Qiang strength growing, the Han army fighting disadvantage, coupled with the frontier along the two thousand stone (similar to today's wage level cadres) above so long, and both are mainlanders, unwilling to keep this long war, are scrambling to migrate to the court recommend to the Mainland. Thus, in the early permanent five (111 years), the government issued an edict to the frontier of the Eastern Han Dynasty four counties (North, stability, Kamigori, Longxi) to the Mainland. Among them, the North County's move to Chi Yang Fuping County (now Shaanxi Jingyang Northwest). - This is the history of the famous "frontier four counties Inland" and also "Fuping first move." The Inland, bringing heavy disaster to the people. With local Han Chinese rulers forced relocation; people love earth, unwilling or wife, local officials have ordered the crops cut down, the house demolitions, the various buildings razed to the ground, put the past savings all destroyed. Resulting Suiqian the people "displaced dispersed, with the road death; donate or abandoned elderly, man servant or concubine, the loss of more than half." Suiqian of people in intolerable circumstances, in the early years Wing (111 years) in September, In Duce, Du and Wang Xin Gong quarter led uprising also, the capture of the city on the Gui (now Gansu Tianshui West). Face Qiang and Han peoples uprising,Adidas Adipure IV, revolt, Han government continues to send troops to suppress side, one side taking bribe, assassination, the uprising team gradually weakened. Rebel leaders were assassinated Duce, Wang Xin died, Du Fu Ping quarter of Yunnan tribute defected zero. Wing early years (112 years), Yunnan zero died, his son continues the zero-chang said, "Son of Heaven" wolf Mo Fu Zuo Qiang people, Han Feng Du quarter tribute to generals, and let him keep Ding Xi City (suspect now the HE Landing righteousness nearby). Yuanchu years (115 years), the Eastern Han court sent Zheng Xi Ma Jun army generals repression, the result was defeated Qiang, Han injure more than 3,000 people. Qiang fighting strong, "this prisoner were riding, on line hundreds Swift Knight rain, go away on his strings." Yuanchu three years (116 years), he was still that brought Hun soldier a thousand people in spiritual state ( Today Wuzhong) a battle with the zero-chang, Chang defeated zero to Fuping (now the plot nearby) escape. Yuanchu four years (117 years), he was stabbed to death by a traitor inside still buy Qiang Du season tribute; September, and buy a traitor No. Qiang Chang Feng assassinated zero. This year the winter, with the wolf in Fuping Mo there was a larger battle, the two armies locked in a stalemate over 60 days. In the fierce battle, the wolf Mo failed to escape were beheaded Renshang Jun Qiang over 5000, also captured more than 1,000 people. Then, after a long (Han Yuanchu five years, AD 118 years) the Han Qiang Tang compliance and bribed traitor assassinated wolf mo. Point, which lasted 11 years Qiang Han Han People's Uprising then failed. But the uprising with a heavy blow to the rulers of the Eastern Han Dynasty, "asked more than ten years, war-old division, not temporary interest-Ning, the military's fee, transport committee lose, with more than 240 million in government efforts exhaustive. Extension and within the county, border innumerable dead. "Qiang Han uprising was suppressed, the original frontier moved inland four counties are still reluctant to move back to the place. They "send truth" to another extension for 11 years. Han Emperor Yongjian four years (129 years), Shang Yu Xu Pu She petitioned Han Emperor, believed to include four counties Fuping, including frontier, Woyeqianli, lush, stop mountain with river, can not long abandoned. Recommendations still move back in place. Han Emperor adopted this recommendation, sent Guo Juan County residents to urge the former, each also jiuxian, repair castle, Daxing settlement. Thus, Fuping County in Wuzhong quit 18 years (111-129 years) after he moved back in place in that year. Yongjian year (130 years) in October, the Han emperor in person equally rich patrol sergeant saluted Xu edge. Second move: Feng Yi However, because the court did not seriously learn Chinese, timely adjustment policies on the Qiang people, Bianjun official "nature child engraved" on the Qiang "multi disturbed fat", and finally in Yonghe four years (139 years), that is, during the first intifada Qiang just finished 10 years later, it inspired a second Qiang uprising. This time, the government sent Ma Yin Han army repression. Ma Yin with his two sons was killed in a battle defeat. Qiang he smote Fuping County. North County prefect Holiday Gifts (in Fuping County) restrain, and they fled to relocate Feng Yi Fu County (now Xi'an suburb Gaoling). This move, never came back! Han Huan Yan Xi two years (159 years), from the second intifada 20 years Qiang, Qiang has launched a third intifada. The uprising spread to the face of war than the last two are large. Not only were all the war coverage Ningxia region, but also spread to Sansuke (near Xi'an) and cool, and two states. Han was underway with government regulations Guyuan people Huangfu, Zhang Huan taken pacify ways to make Qiang 200,000 surrender, submission. But the Han Duan Ying Qiang places "sinister difficult Enna, although the potential poor service, soldiers demultiplexing robbery" as an excuse, the use of extremely brutal repression, "Lance relying threats,Nike CTR360 Maestri II, knives and neck," has in the Spirit Wu Gu (Helan Yamaguchi), Jingyang, wating Hill (now Guyuan South) volunteers to kill Qiang, bloodbath Sansuke, North, stability. Qiang's third uprising was finally suppressed. The third move: Nationwide in Emperor Ling of Han Zhongping fifteen years (185 years) in Fuping County in the past 46 years "send rationale" of the day, finally going back to the site from Feng Yi. But only to move to Pengyang circles on the walk - this time is the Eastern Han Dynasty, around the warlords, the frontier is not peace, but to move back west again, and finally settled in Shaanxi Nationwide, which is today's Fuping County. Fuping after three migration, Wuzhong begins on the ground permanently disappeared. (Published in "Wuzhong Daily" February 24, 2004) Edit this paragraph related materials "Book of Jin Geography": "North County Commission County two, mud Yang, Xuan Ping." Mud and yang of this Yaoxian with the official south. "Sui Geography": Chinese original, the same officer, Xuan Ping "Original Wei home North County." "Post-Wei Geography": "North County, Wendi points q switching Yu Feng Yi home." Tang · Li Jifu "element and county records": "Han q switching Yu County, to belong Fengyi, Cao Wei in other home North County." Song Song Min seeking "Changan": "Han q switching Yu County, Wendi from Peng Fuping County subsector original migration North County Old City here, its county Sui Fei. "" continued Tongdian ":" Yao, Chinese original with county officials, the Han q switching Yu County. "
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