Ni Hongyi


Profile Profile Personal experience Edit this paragraph honor Profile Ni Hongyi , female, Shanghai , was born September 21, 1990 . Third MISS CAMPUS school girls ' Sekkisei Runner Award " , MISS Jiaotong University , Shanghai Jiaotong University Symphonic Orchestra Principal Flute .



Edit this paragraph Personal Information Name : Ni Hongyi Nickname : Honey Ni sub 11 Birthday: 1990/9/21


Birthplace: Shanghai Constellation: Virgo Blood Type: O School: Shanghai Jiaotong University ,Vapor Superfly III, Shanghai Datong School Interests: shopping , dancing, travel Specialty: Flute Character: emotional, empathetic ideal type : understand me , wisdom , gentle favorite Food : Cherry most precious things: the parents to send stuff favorite color : purple, pink favorite music: classical, jazz, rock favorite singer : Norah Jones, Sarah Brightman,2013 New Adidas Soccer Shoes, Britney Spears, Tao motto : the world's greatest happiness is that people love their personal honor to edit this paragraph


Third MISS CAMPUS school girls contest " Sekkisei Runner Award" Edit this paragraph personal experience 1998 spring bamboo clothing print ads in 2000 with the principal representative of the quality of school education programs broadcast on

Little model Ni Ni ( R )

2004 Osaka,Nike Air Force 1 Women, Japan Midosuji Parade performances 2005 Aichi World Expo Shanghai Oriental TV episode 2007 on behalf of the school exchange visit to Australia in 2010 MISS CAMPUS school girls contest, won the " Sekkisei runner Award" in 2010 successfully launched personal flute concert
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