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Chinese name: Moscow guard dog breed Purpose: Working Dogs Origin: Russia Reproduction: viviparous habit: the creation of this new kind of guard dog is not vulnerable to attack Caucasus characteristics very easy to train, but also better control, there is no bulldog breeding experience the ideal companion dog. Build: average height of Moscow guard dog 28 inches (71CM) Phi Hair: Body Hair Medium length hair color: red white patches, although most dogs without black mask, but people prefer the black mask individual. Contents: Introduction guard dog historic task edit this section Introduction Moscow guard dog, of medium length, red white patches, is also known as the Soviet era in Russia when cultivated guard dog, it is the integration of the Caucasus and St. Bernard descent, doing so is to create more controllable service dogs. In 1960 the Soviet Union developed its breeding standards, nurture it took nearly a decade of Soviet time, finally set for the best combination for the St. Bernard dog pedigree accounted for 65% and 35% Caucasian dogs. Some information is also displayed in the breeding process has also joined the Russian hunting wolves, German Shepherd and Greyhound descent. In the 20th century, it was used as a guard dog and military dogs. Now in Russia, Moscow guard is a popularized the popular guard dogs. Moscow guard dog has not been recognized by the FCI. It is worth mentioning: it stir a few years ago our country 'St. Bernard' time was 'fish' to the massive introduction and leave offspring.


Moscow guard dog (5) Moscow guard dog's physical requirements are: Dogs 77-78, bitches 72-73 cm long,cr7 shoes 2013, with the lower limit (male 68, female 66) without limit; using world's heaviest dog 'St. Bernard' based on adding 'Russia by hounds' to correct its relaxation will be enough. But 'St. Bernard' is the Swiss famous "snow rescue dogs" do not bite strangers; "by Hound" is 'just bite the beast does not bite' dog. They both hybrids, we have to take the dog to make up for their shortcomings Caucasus. Moscow guard dog breeding is a "planned project", so complete records. Whose lineage can be attributed to an ancestor of the dog, "Osland." It's child, grandchild, great-grandson, later became the ancestors of the various strains. Moscow guard dog historical task historical periods: World War II in 1942 autumn Region: European Theater Sood battlefield What's this guy: antitank dog type: biological weapons did it: former Soviet Central Military situation at that time: the World War II German tank Force unrivaled throughout the world, the Soviet Union is simply not the opponent, then they suffer from lack of military spending, only the sword easy road - training war dogs. Trainers under the first food placed in the tank, and then let go hungry Moscow guard dog tank bottom in search of food, over time so that they produce a conditioned reflex. Finally, the Soviets would give each one a guard dog's waist and bound about 10 kg landmines, has been modified in the mines have a 20 cm long wooden wrench, when the guard dog trying to drill into the bottom of the tank, the wrench will be pulled and detonated mines. Disadvantages: Unfortunately,Adidas Predator XII FG, when the Soviet guard dog training using their own tanks, long practiced conditioned reflex, these "death squads" who only likes to get under their own tanks, in the late autumn of 1942, a battle,Mercurial Vapor IX, antitank dogs collective counterattack, resulting in a full tank of the Soviet Army division was forced to retreat. Since then, anti-tank dogs quit the stage of history. The Soviet military is also written on the history of mankind has a "strange super weapon." Actual record: the first attack of the 30 anti-tank dogs, in the end, only four German tanks near a mine detonated, causing the loss is unknown, the military no statistics; has six dogs fled Soviet anti-tank positions, Dozens of casualties caused by one's own; 3 shot by the Germans and taken away. No other military statistics. After the ceasefire, in order to combat Su Junshi gas, the Germans in the Soviet satire cowardly promotional materials, only let the dog for them to fight. Military scholar has calculated that in the entire Soviet-German war, the Soviet dog training center has trained 40,000 anti-tank dogs. 1941 on the establishment of the Soviet "elite force" anti-tank dogs even four even, even the 126 dogs each. Responsible for training the dog's central military leadership antitank claims they kill a total of over 300 German tanks, of course, the Germans did not recognize.
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