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vehicle purchase method of levying surcharges Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article IX Article X Article XI additional vehicles fee calculation Expand Edit this paragraph vehicle purchase surcharge collection methods (April 2, 1985 the State Council issued [1985] No. 50 issued) first road is full of social services infrastructure. To speed up highway construction to meet the social and economic development and improved living standards for the growing needs of road transport, the decision to set the vehicle purchase surcharge, as highway construction of a dedicated source of funding, are formulated. The second vehicle purchase surcharge levied in the country,Nike Lunar VI Mens, vehicle levy only once. Article purchase or self-assembled vehicles used (not including rickshaws, animal-drawn vehicles and bicycles, the same below), or put into use at the time of purchase must be paid before the vehicle purchase surcharge. Article vehicle purchase surcharge to vehicle purchasers and users (including state organs and armed forces) for duty payer (hereinafter referred to as payers). Article vehicle purchase surcharge levied as follows: (a) domestic production and assembly (including various forms of joint ventures and foreign production and assembly, the same below) and in the domestic sale and use of large and small passenger cars, general-purpose trucks, sport utility vehicles, passenger and cargo vehicles, motorcycles (two, three), tractors, tractor, and other vehicles (eg vans, container trucks, dump trucks, hydraulic tankers, bulk powder particulate matter cars, refrigerated trucks, cars insulation, livestock, vehicles,Women Nike Air Max 2013, postal vehicles, etc.) and trailer, trailer, trailer and so special. (Two) foreign imports (new and had used) vehicles listed in the preceding paragraph. Article 6 The following vehicles exempt vehicle purchase surcharge: (a) a fixed non-transport vehicle unit. (Two) foreign embassies and consulates own vehicles, UN organizations and international financial institutions own vehicles. (Three) Other items designated by the Ministry of Communications,cr7 cleats 2013, Ministry of Finance approved the vehicle purchase surcharge exemption. Article VII of the vehicle purchase volumes plus fee collection administered by the Department of Transportation responsible for levying the units listed by the way. Article VIII domestic production or assembly of vehicles, their vehicle purchase surcharge from the factory or assembly plant levied to the vehicle's actual selling price for the billing basis. Assembling vehicles for personal use subject to the local traffic department vehicle purchase surcharge, referring to the local prices of similar vehicles charging. Domestic production and assembly of vehicle purchase surcharge rates are ten percent. Article IX of imported vehicles, the vehicle purchase surcharge collected by the Customs to calculate the VAT accounting package price (ie CIF ten tariff ten VAT) for the billing basis of trouble for the one hundred fifteen . Article payers vehicle purchase surcharge issued after the unified payment certificate. Payment certificate by the Ministry of Transportation to develop a unified format. Article XI payers vehicle purchase surcharge obtain payment certificate, before the Commissioner or public transportation Vehicle Administration department requested vehicle license. Such as traffic supervision or public Vehicle Administration found evasion, should instruct the payer to pay fees to the local traffic department money and increase retroactive fees. [1] Edit this paragraph vehicle surcharge levy surcharge calculation method is based on the price of the car much, the prices there are two, one is the price of national unity, and the other one is the invoice price. When the invoice price is less than or equal to the purchase price when the models of national unity, surcharges hall Take the unified national price is calculated based on (mostly this is the case); when invoiced purchase price is higher than the national unified models selling prices, surcharges hall features invoiced price is calculated on the basis (special circumstances, or some imported cars prices are likely to be the case); [simple point which is another job that is expressed by the operator] These prices, surcharges hall how do you know it? Is that every new car market manufacturers should regard each configuration corresponds to convey to the national uniform price across surcharges hall, their basis is such that some customers buy just listed a new car or a new configuration facelift models, the former days or even a few weeks ago not to buy additional fee, the surcharge is because the local hall has not received this car manufacturer issued a national uniform price, which is what we called "disc price." In the end how much it received? See the following: The specific calculation method is so: 1.6L above the prices (high that) ÷ 1.17 × 10% 1.6L and below the prices (high that) ÷ 1.17 × 5% because buyers get the prices already taxes, and taxes are no longer pay taxes, so [the prices ÷ 1.17] is to remove the 17% VAT money, and then multiplied by the policies promulgated by the state, such as: more than 10% of 1.6L less than or equal to 5% {1.6L policies based on real-time}, but [the prices ÷ 1.17] is constant, that is multiplied with the national policy on it. Step in the evolution of the results of the formula: 1.6L models above Surcharge = purchase price (high that) ÷ 11.7 1.6L and below models Surcharge = purchase price (high that) ÷ 23.4
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