Wikipedia card Longxi County Longxi County Longxi County, is an ancient Chinese county-level administrative division, located in the south and southeast of modern Gansu Province. Longxi County in ancient geography has a very important significance.


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Longxi County, is an ancient Chinese county-level administrative divisions, which range a significant change in history, roughly in today's Gansu Province, south and southeast. Terracotta twenty-six years (before 221) set thirty-six, the Longxi is one of governance Didao (now Lintao County), collar 7 County: Didao, Yuan Road (now Longxi County in the southeast), under Resolution ( today into the county West), Lintao (now MINXIAN), West County (southwest of the city water today), the Gui (water today downtown), Jixian (now Gangu County). Han emperor two years (205 years ago),nike soccer cleats 2013, Liu occupies Longxi County. Han Dynasty in 16 counties set Tianshui County, Longxi has 11 counties, 53,964, 236,824 people. 11 counties are: Didao, Lintao (now MINXIAN), West County (now Lixian Yanguan Town), on Gui (water today southwest of downtown), Ann so (now Lintao County, South), Xiang Wu (now Longxi County SE), the first Yang (now Weiyuan County, northeast), Summer (now Canton River County, northwest), Qiang Road (now Dangchang County, southwest), Di Road (now Lixian Northwest), I Road (now Southwest Bailongjiang MINXIAN upstream). Is liangzhou. Han Longxi County, cure Didao County, still took 11 counties, the original collar Didao, Lintao, Xiang Wu, the first Yang, Ann, therefore, great summer, Di Road 7 counties, analysis Xiang Wu County new home impaired County (now Zhangxian SW), designated by the county people Jincheng gowns Han, Whitehead two counties; revocation I Road, and the other set off River County (now Jishishan). Liangzhou genus, but the population dropped to 5628, 29,637 people. San Guowei, Gunji moved Xiang Wu Longxi County (now Longxi County in the southeast), but under the jurisdiction of county number further reduced, leading Xiang Wu, Didao, Lintao, impaired County, the first Yang, Ann, therefore, great summer, Di Road, River off nine counties. Is Qinzhou. To the Western Jin Dynasty, only four counties: Xiang Wu, Didao (now Lintao County), Lintao (now MINXIAN), the first Yang (now Weiyuan County, northeast), three thousand. Is Qinzhou. Sixteen former Zhao, Zhao, the Longxi County still took four counties, still Qinzhou. Qin belonged to River State. Collar three counties. After the cold is liangzhou. Houqin is Yongzhou. West Qinling is a complex Qinzhou. Wei is Wiltshire. Western Wei, Northern Zhou consequent. Zhou Xiang Wu collar Longxi County, Weiyuan County, 2. Kaihuang three years (583) waste. Cause of three years (607) reset Longxi County, cure Xiang Wu County (now Longxi County in the southeast), collar Xiang Wu, Longxi, impaired County (now Zhangxian), Long River (now Qinan Northeast), Weiyuan five counties. TangWuDe first year (616) waste County home to Wiltshire. Tianbao first year of change but also for the Longxi County Wiltshire. Still rule Xiang Wu County (now Longxi County in the southeast), collar Xiang Wu, Longxi (now Wushan County, northwest), Changhua County (now Zhangxian), Weiyuan four counties. Is Longyou Road. Qianyuan first year (758 years), the Tang finally changed Longxi County of Wiltshire, Longxi County in the name disappear. Edit this paragraph Ancient Longxi named "Long" and "ridge" interlinked, referring to the ridge. "Shi Ji Xiang Yu Ji" and reads: "the momentum up in Long acres being." Here's Gansu is the meaning of the ridge. Ancient people see lie in the Guanzhong Plain in the west ridge of the mountains as the same,nike mercurial, put them called Long Hill. "Ci Hai", said: Long Hill is another name for the southern section Liupanshan. Long known as Osaka, in Shaanxi province Longxian west, north to south,mercurial, stretches about 120 kilometers, is Wei Han Longxi highland plains and boundaries. The Long Mountain in Gansu ancient geography has a very important significance. People will Gansu, Gansu, Gansu Longxi called three of the land, and later became the Gansu short. They are named the same Xiaolongshan closely related. The ancients would naturally classified as Long Mountain east of Gansu, Gansu Longxi Mountain west. Today's Longnan and Tianshui City, Gansu Gannan some areas. So there are three Gansu Gansu land argument. To the later, people will be east of the Yellow River, west of Long Mountain region and referred to as "Longyou."
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