Beijing Shi Jing ski Wikipedia card Beijing Shi Jing ski area of ​​450 acres, where the venue open, undulating. Longqingxia east, west Guanting Lake, north of Castle Peak, South Kan Gui Chuan. Elegant environment, fresh air and pleasant scenery, slide on both sides, shade trees, white snow and red roof of the building, exhilarating.


About Transportation fees catering accommodation Played four seasons ski skiing Tips notified spa hotel features Shijinglong Expand edit this section Introduction Shijinglong ski designed by Japanese experts, and its grand scale, technological advance , service facilities, projects and colorful. Unique in its size in the northern region, the country is also outstanding. Launched a comprehensive ski snow sauna, spa bath new project, which is a unique resort in China's new approach

Shijinglong ski

. The elimination of skiers fatigue after exercise, physical recovery has excellent effect. Artificial snow ski achieve all its snow soft texture, feeling like rugs. The resort's layout, slide construction and equipment and facilities are among the world leading level. To meet our needs for beginners, ski hire national coaches, beginners can learn to ski in a short time. Sun, snow, visitors can fine chemicals on the large terrace coffee taste, or three-story house in the warm taste of Western snacks, supplement physical, called the Alpine-style Beijing interpretation. Beijing Shi Jing ski resort built in 1999, located in the national ecological demonstration zones - Beijing Xiadu Yan Qing, 80 kilometers away from Beijing, is the first in the region around Beijing, the largest equipment facilities, the country's most first use of artificial snow ski. The resort covers an area of ​​600 acres, rational layout, which can accommodate 5,000 people for snow recreation. Here venues open, undulating terrain, east known as "Little Li River," said the Longqingxia, west Beijing Guanting Lake, the source of drinking water, according to the North Castle, South Kan Gui Chuan Yanqing, elegant environment, pleasant scenery, The annual average temperature is 2-3 degrees lower than the urban areas. After a massive year renovation, expansion, currently the resort features a ski six (high, medium, initial three levels), total length of 4,600 m, of which the most challenging senior ski length 1000 m, vertical drop 300 meters, maximum gradient of 30 degrees, with an average slope of 16 degrees; Intermediate Road 600 meters long, 135 meters drop, the maximum slope of 28 degrees, with an average slope of 14.6 degrees; experience skiing for the first time novice design of the primary channel length 3,000 m, with an average slope of 2 -6 degrees. Different levels of skiers and snowboarders can look into this in this elegant outdoor sports to bring people pleasure. To meet the needs of snowboarders, this year also added a veneer paradise resort, you can enjoy snowboarding with the world the wonderful experience. The resort also has two lifts Gondola, which double lifts Gondola is 500 meters long; four lifts Gondola is 900 meters long; cableway five large towing, towing cableway two ordinary hourly transport capacity 5,000 passengers, in time to start the skier. If you do not ski, but also can take the cable car sightseeing, ski, fresh air, warm breezes and natural panoramic view. The resort now has snowmaking machine 11 abroad, the German press two snow machines, snow entertainment equipment (boards, two boards, snow biking, snow ring, sledding, horse-drawn sledge, etc.) 5000 sets. In order to meet the needs of beginners, ski hire national coaches, coach number reached 40, the standard for your skiing skills to master to provide effective assistance, in a short time learn to ski, the resort also features ski school abroad (single, double plate). Shijinglong colorful entertainment resort: skiing, slip rings, snowmobiling, horse-drawn sledge, sleigh, snow biking, discharge of firecrackers, children's wading snow, snow sauna, spa bath, etc. of your choice. Resort full launch in the domestic market, a unique ski snow sauna, spa bath, after the elimination of skiing fatigue, restore physical fitness has excellent effect. Large parking area of ​​35,000 square meters, fast-food restaurant for 500 people dining at the restaurant through the glass floor skiers can enjoy the ride in the snow field heroic. Winter to meet the needs of skiers, but also added to the hotel, accommodation may accept more than 100 people, snow supplies stores and small food stores and a series of services and facilities, but also can provide you with great convenience. Edit this paragraph Travel Guide


Shijinglong ski area 80 km away from Beijing, drove 60 minutes to arrive. Shijinglong ski Address: Beijing Yanqing Zhang Shan Ying Town in Dayangfang Shijinglong ski. 1 Getting There: Beijing Deshengmen by 919 air-conditioned express train ride to the bus station 920 Yanqing ski bus to stop, eastbound 500 meters away. (2) Since Directions: Drive along the Madian Bridge Yanqing Badaling Expressway to the city, the road to State Road 110 Longqingxia Huangbai Temple, westbound one kilometer away. Can also go directly to the island in the Changping State Road 110. 3 In Wudaokou artificial club opposite Xuanwumen front of the church, the East Gate of Workers by bus train.


near famous sights are Longqingxia! Ice winter festival. . Edit this paragraph fees Beijing Shijinglong 2007-2008 ski ski ski weekend price Beijing Shijinglong votes) Time: All day ski 360 yuan / Member price 140 yuan Beijing Shi Jing ski (weekdays votes) Time: All day ski 220 yuan / Member Price $ 100 including tickets and insurance, ski, towing, charges Beijing Shi Jing ski lifts 2008-2009 ski price "pass a vote of" buy one get one including tickets and insurance, ski, towing, cable car costs 29 performed at the normal price of 30-January 1, 2009 at the weekend price performance Note: ski Hours: December -3 early ,08:30-17:00 Remarks: Need some self-care expenses 1, ski deposit: 400 yuan / sets (refunded if no damage when returning) ski deposit 2, the resort meals: 30 yuan / person, may be zero) Lunch (3 servings, snow suits, storage closet: 30 yuan / day sets, wardrobe storage costs 10 yuan / day. rented snow suits costs 4, other ski entertainment equipment: hire Other ski entertainment devices (eg: snow ring, snowmobiles, etc.) A. slip ring, sleigh: 50 yuan / 0.5 hours, 80 yuan / hour B. Snowmobiling: 20 yuan / ring / person C. paragliding flight experience: 260 yuan / person / times Edit this paragraph catering accommodation fragrance Xuehai play food court food court for you to choose a variety of dishes, where you can enjoy window view, delicious cuisine. Snowy castle Italy authentic Italian restaurant steak, delicious pizza attractive and aromatic coffee, elegant and warm environment unique style barbecue unique flavor, tender delicious. farm characteristics Yanqing brazier pot authentic flavor you food for thought. western, Bar Continental drift xiaolou coffee aroma, poles do not release hand you can enjoy the European style, relatives and friends gathered at the ski resort of Western-style bar on the thought of a foreign country. snails backpack, mobile home, field trips The ultimate dream for you to achieve here, a fully equipped car, stopped at the cafe next to the present, was admitted to feeling wanted car back to a warm home here with friends and family witnessed the Alps ski snow Edit this paragraph Adorned with a ski six (high, medium, initial three levels), total length 4600 meters, senior ski length of 1000 meters, vertical drop 300 m, maximum gradient of 30 degrees, with an average slope of 16 degrees; Intermediate Road 600 meters long , drop 135 meters, the maximum slope of 28 degrees, with an average gradient of 14.6 degrees; novice design primary channel length 3000 meters, the average slope of 2-6 degrees. Edit this paragraph four seasons four seasons climate, hot summers, cold winters, spring and autumn climate is moderate, Spring is just large sand, dust storms in recent years, there is spring. Edit this paragraph Tips a. equipment requirements: 1. coat: ski suit (or other waterproof breathable wear coat); 2. Underwear: perspiration breathable underwear. 3. warm clothes: down jacket, fleece pants (do not need to add exercise warm clothes) 4. Others: headgear (hats), goggles, warm waterproof gloves, spare two pairs of socks,Nike CTR360 TF, sunscreen. two Personal Equipment Food: skiing can bring a small purse or small backpack, filled with water and snacks. ski physical exertion, people bulimia, it is recommended to buy some high-energy foods such as chocolate, beef jerky and the like to carry. Edit this paragraph Ski Notes 1. skiers ski rental, select the same height with their skis, fixer, moderate-intensity or lower-appropriate, carefully check whether the ski intact, if missing parts or damage to timely and relevant work officer replacement. 2. skiers dress should be lightweight, warm, bright; ready gloves, snow hat (cap protecting the brain), goggles; concentrations low visibility, sudden steep slopes, sharp turns at slow slip should carefully 3. ski who before exercise, to fully prepare activities, stretching the joints, ligaments, muscles in order to avoid injuries. campaign, the first thing to pay attention to adaptability exercises, and gradually to the difficulty or difficult transition. 4 who have heart disease, high blood pressure , patients with diseases such as fear of heights can not participate in alpine skiing. remember that he must live within its means, please accept this advice! 5 skiers in motion, to control their thoughts emotional, spiritual should concentrate on the action to be accurate, not aggressive, to do what, should be gradual, to choose their own level of snow trail glide. 6 trail skiers resting in the snow does not stay in taxiing allowed to rampage in the snow trail, are not allowed to chase the former, have rhythm, regular glide. 7. skiers glide and turn in the collision allowed the former, as the latter will be knocked down or hit the former by the latter is responsible. 8 skiers at all levels, to make your ski technology improves and more fast, please coaching and mentoring professor necessary. detours can not cut corners. 9. skiers glide in snow with abnormal, should be promptly stopped, looking for venue staff inspection, adjustment, repair, 10. skiers in the cable car, ropeway, you must press the regime laid the resort and staff tips to do it, otherwise the consequences of accidents 11. skier ski rental loss, damage, depending on the circumstances be compensated. vain skis Visitors stay or prohibited in the snow trail leads children to play, to avoid being injured skiers. Edit this paragraph spa Shijinglong ski spa fresh air, the environment elegant, charming scenery Longqingxia east, west rippling Guanting The outdoor spa was built against the slopes, hot springs are simple alkaline spring in order to make a more full-bodied taste of leisure resort, a Lyon, France "THREEParis" resort-style cafe stands in the foothills Intermediate Road intersection with the primary channel office, you can easily slide into the rest here under the sun, snow, you can fine chemicals on the large terrace coffee taste, or three-story house in a warm taste all kinds of Western-style snacks, supplement physical, called the Alpine style The Beijing interpretation. 35,000 square meters of the large parking lot can park more than 1,000 vehicles, eating fast-food restaurant for 500 people, two-star hotel accommodation may accept more than 100 people, snow supplies stores and small food stores, etc. can give you great convenient Shijinglong ski Springs are outdoor enthusiasts paradise, is the capital of the only place for bathing in the snow. winter shining, magnificent in the open, an oasis Xueye foot snowboard, snow from the mountains swept under maneuvering,nike soccer shoes 2013, and then dressed in swimsuit hot springs pool soak into the snow, the kind of feeling that can not be expressed by language. outdoor hot spring pool built in the long snowy road, bathing in the snow, so that people associate the word from a "half iceberg half of the flame."
Beijing Shi Jing spa has unique Bi Haiqiong Palace spa pool, all using jasper gem stone paved from. Including traditional Chinese medicine bath, Tibetan medicine bath, ginseng bath, milk bath, aroma bath, Angelica bath, green tea bath more than ten kinds. [1] Edit this paragraph 2A specialty national level scenic spots, is located in Yanqing County, north of the city, about 80 km away from the city. Along the Badaling Expressway to Yanqing Town, then take to arrive. Surrounding areas of Beijing's first, largest, equipment, facilities, the national first use of artificial snow ski resorts. Built in 2000, the resort covers an area of ​​600 acres, rational layout, which can accommodate 5,000 people for snow recreation. Entire resort has lifts Gondola 2, where double lifts Gondola is 500 meters long, four lifts Gondola is 900 meters long. Large towing cable 5, ordinary towing cableway 2, a capacity of carrying 5,000 passengers per hour. Equipped with 14 sets of advanced type snowmaking machine, 2 Germany compacted snow vehicles, 5,000 sets of snow entertainment equipment, including board, dual board, snow biking, snow ring, sled, sledge, etc. Hiring national coaches, coach number reached 80. Shijinglong also has a ski resort can be comparable with foreign advanced snow spa projects as well as catering, accommodation, shopping and a comprehensive range of services and facilities. New trends: 1. Trends a hotel accommodation masters designed newly renovated, star accommodation, first-class service standards, which nestles in the snow-covered castle, cold winter warm home. Humanized design and decoration, the class rather than group; exposure to warm domains, wax elephants enjoying the window Chi. Sports day, the spa bath, where you keep the key of the house.

Beijing Shi Jing ski

2. Trends two story house coffee bar night games continental drift incense, ski pole without hand release can enjoy European style, relatives and friends gathered at the ski resort's bar like to exotic afar. 3 car trends three snails backpack, mobile home, field trips, the ultimate dream for you to achieve here, a fully equipped car, stopped at the cafe next to the now, live in a warm car felt like back home, in personal experiences with friends and family here in Beijing interpretation ...... Alps. Participate in the ski night do not have a flavor. 4 Trends four SBC Park new design, more brightly chute ...... and friends chase in SBC Park, organized a small family game, friends game, show off their prowess, the public eye will tell you skateboards whipped up and down. Edit this paragraph Shijinglong Hotel Shijinglong hotel is located in the "summer capital" of Yanqing Shijinglong ski hospital, is a set of dining, entertainment, meeting one of the leisure resort-style hotel. Surrounding a beautiful environment, surrounded by mountains, facing the picking sightseeing garden, a fishing pond two hospital, hotel internal facilities, comfortable environment, is a winter ski tours Ice, spring outing hiking, summer fun summer and autumn tour leaves of choice land. Hotel features standard rooms, triple total of thirty three, but can accommodate eighty people. Room facilities, comfortable living environment. Hotel floor for Chinese restaurant, which can accommodate 100 people dining, mainly a local rice farmers based, there local specialty food and fine cooking. Hotel guests medium-sized conference room floor, which can accommodate 30-40 people, specialized facilities, stage, lighting, sound, professional projection equipment, conference tables and chairs, you can meet meetings, training, entertainment, karaoke OK all collective needs.

Shijinglong hotel

Shijinglong ski entertainment colorful: Skiing, slip rings, snowmobiling, SBC Park, children's wading snow, snow sauna, spa bath, etc. for you to choose. Natural hot spring water collected from the crown cap mountain 1800 meters geothermal hot springs, hot springs temperature of 38 degrees -45 degrees,f50 2013, relieve fatigue after a ski with a certain effect. Hotel perennial receive a variety of meetings and travel team.
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