Idioms Overview Basic Information Additional information allusions expand Edit this paragraph overview of basic information [idiom] a simplified Chinese character to when ten [Mandarin] yī yǐ dāng shí [idiom Interpretation] When: quite. A person to resist ten people. Describe the heroic army. [Source] idiom "Warring States policy a": "And when a ten, and when one hundred, one hundred and when one thousand." Han Qian, "Shi Ji Xiang Yu Ji": "Chu soldiers are all one in when ten, Chubing voices moving day, without exception, everyone anxious fear princes army. "[1] Other information [emotional] commendatory [] formal grammatical structure 【Language】 pit one against ten synonyms [idioms] as predicate, attribute; same" pit one against ten. " [Example] idiom "History of Qing Dynasty Liaoshou Heng Chuan": "Legal protection of last resort is made prop. Yongfu Haman bitterness, Gou Feng Zhao book, when all one to ten." Edit this paragraph allusions late Qin Dynasty,cr7 cleats 2013, Qin Yijun around the anti- flared up, and made himself king. Qin defeated Zhao generals generals Zhang Han Zhang Er. Zhang Er protection Zhao Kui Lu Zhang Han Jipai rest fled from the king, SU corner, go siege involving a huge deer, pressed hard. Hebei land smoky Zhang days, endless war. Seeing Chi arrives, the situation is very urgent. Grandson Zhao repeatedly sent messengers to help! Huai heard the news, and quickly sent coach Song Yi, Fushuai Xiang Yu, Fan Zeng weekend led to a huge 200,000 horses mighty deer departure. Troops came to Anyang (now Shandong Cao County). Spies to report, Qin Junbing powerful force. Song Yi could not help feel fear, afraid to move forward, so troops stranded 46 days, Xiang Yu this anxious, tried to remonstrate Song Yili that send troops. But Song Yi did not listen to a variety of reasons to shirk. Xiang Yu could not help but furious, Song Yi brandished a knife to kill his son, sent 20,000 troops and horses anxious for the huge deer crossing ZhangHe siege. But Chubing repeatedly defeat,mercurial, suffered heavy losses. Xiang Yu led all his soldiers had to spend in order to restore the defeat he understands ZhangHe home of the resurrection gifted must sever all posterior. The face of all the soldiers, Xiang Yu fondly glances after serious and decisively said: "All boats sunk,Adidas Predator XII, smashed everything cooker cooker (drastic), burned all the tents, our success or failure of this in one fell swoop." lightly armed troops have been turning back, Chu and Qin meet again. Complex has kindled the flames of war. Chubing all selfless, such as into the no man's land, no one is not "an order when ten". The two sides battle nine rounds, finally defeated Chu Chi, Withdraw.
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