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Yangshan Tablet timber (3), also known as the Yangshan timber Xiaoling monument monument material remains on the north eastern outskirts of Nanjing Tangshan Town, Yangshan southern slope, about 23 km away from Nanjing. Yangshan timber monument is a good tourist destination in Nanjing. Also nearby Tangshan man hole and so on. There is the ancient quarry before the Ming Dynasty, the Yangshan timber monument is the use of the premises of the mountain in good integrity and enormous Qixia limestone monument dug Yangshan timber Address

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out by Beizuo, part of a tablet, monument of three parts. Beizuo its height of 17 meters wide and 29.5 meters, 12 meters thick, weighs 16,250 tons; part of a tablet is 10 meters high,

monument Nanjing Yangshan timber

22 m wide, 10.3 m thick and weighs 6,118 tons; monument height 51 meters, width 14.2 meters, 4.5 meters thick and weighs 8,Adidas Predator LZ Cleats,799 tons. The above formula monument built up by three parts, with a total height of 78 meters, with a total weight of 31,167 tons,Nike FC247, indeed rare in the world, gigantic, amazing. No wonder the famous poet Yuan Mei Qing Dynasty in the "big stone Hongwu Song" exclaimed: "monument shaking like a sword leaning, pulling one hundred thousand camels can not afford." Edit this paragraph monument origins Yangshan timber town located northwest of soup, the monument to his father, the Yongle Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang timber tree lines and cut a giant stone monument. Christian era

monument Yangshan timber

1402 years, the Yongle Emperor Zhu Di Zhu Yunwen revolted nephew won the throne, in order to win over the people, political stability, it was decided to table a giant monument to the emperor merit. So he recruited the south of the country more than a craftsman cut monument by Yangshan timber three. Which Beizuo stone 13 meters high 16 meters wide, 30.35 meters long and weighs 16,000 tons; monument stone length 49.40 m, width 4.4 m, height 10.7 meters and weighs about 8,700 tons or so; part of a tablet of stone height of 10 meters long and 20.3 m, width 8.40 m, weighs about six thousand tons. If the monument erected a total height of 73 meters and weighs 31,000 tons, is worthy of the world's first monument. To take this stone, ancient working people have paid a remarkable hardships and sweat, thousands of migrant workers exhausted quarries, this monument mound near the village that was buried to migrant workers. This three stone already forming part of a tablet which has been separated from the mountain, monument, Beizuo also connected to one end only. Why not abandoned this stone? Argument is twofold: a description of the potential gradually decline towards the country, Yongle moved the capital Beijing, so do not; a say as a result of the Nanjing Institute of Geography and climate constraints, discomfort and ice skating rinks ancient method of transport, can not be transported


Yangshan timber monument landscape plan (20) instead. Xiaoling monument monument known as the Yangshan timber material is for the glorification of his father, Emperor Yongle emperor merit and chisel. Monument material points Beizuo, monument and part of a tablet three, if they are erected after flattening, the total height of up to 78 meters, called the masterpiece monument timber. However, this material is not ultimately used peerless monument, still retained in place. The new Ming Cultural Village, is to exploit the Yangshan timber monument designed and built the main vein, and strive to reproduce the historical scenes. Edit this paragraph historical background of the emperor became the emperor, had established his eldest son Zhu marked as Prince, sealing the other 25 sons to be king. However, due to Zhu Biao died in 1392, only 38 years old. Cinnabar

Yangshan timber monument

Yuanzhang Zhu Yunwen Following the death of the emperor by his grandson, is the Ming Emperor Hui. Zhu Yunwen to suppress the forces of the kings of the decision Fan cut, while the powerful emperor's fourth son,Vapor Superfly III TF, Yan Zhu Di, places Qing Jun side pretext invade Nanjing regime. In order to demonstrate to the people of the Yongle emperor faithful on, they dug Yangshan monument. Monument timber is too large, the original designer will certainly think of transport and erection problems, but those who can not defy the design and construction of Zhu Di, the cruel emperor's will, only to finally had to be terminated.
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