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Edit this paragraph Basic information 【Hutong name】 West Fourth North three 【formerly known as】 foil sub-Hutong (Ming Dynasty), hail Hutong, reported sub-Hutong (Qing) 【in which the streets of 】 Changqiao street offices 【approaching streets of】 East from the West Fourth North Avenue,; west to Zhao Dengyu Lu 【historical origins】 West Fourth North three total length of 527 m with the small knitting wool alley intersect. Ming Dynasty belong to mingyu Square, saying the foil sub-alley (foil there are two explanations, one: with a reed like or Shujie woven baskets, Second: the coated with metal powder or Framed upper metal thin slices, with to do paper money). In the Qing Dynasty said the Hailstones alley, newspaper sub-alley. 1965 after the change to do West Fourth North three. Hutong inner on the 3rd the original Ming buildups long Temple, Ming Wanli forty-five years (1617) was built, the original for the Han Dynasty warp outside the factory plant. Qing Emperor Qianlong twenty-one year (1756) rebuilt. Temple to sit the Northern Dynasties south. The central axis line in turn for the Shanmen one,Nike Roshe Run Women, Shimen forehead a letter to "holy Zuo Takashi long ji Temple." TianWangDian three, Bell and Drum Tower; big Qian Fodian three; apse five AND Peidian and Sengfang. Heavenly kings Diannei enshrines four kings and the Vedic; big Qian Fodian enshrine the three major with disabilities, eighteen Rohan, five parties Buddha and the twenty-four the heavens; apse dedicated to Kuan Yin, Bodhidharma and Qianshouqianyan Goddess of Mercy. The original copper five parties Buddha moved to Fayuan Temple, this surviving Shanmen, residual temple and the Poem Monument, in order to Xicheng District cultural relics protection. Is currently a residential areas. On the 11th for the construction area for the 1.8 thousand m2 of the small garden-style courtyard. North and south the central axis line in turn lined up an four Jinyuan La, and its PATTERN AND three into the courtyard similar to the, and finally yes hood room. The east yes small garden, the inner there are rockery, up the mountain veranda, and there are eroded limestone and exquisite Hua Ting. Is currently for the West four the North kindergartens be used. On the 19th for small courtyard, sitting the Northern Dynasties south, construction area of ​​about 270 square meters. An house both houses of, outside the hospital yes a row of inverted Block, Minamiboso and gates. Two for the decorated second doors, Yingbi is on the door, li courtyard there are three Jeongbang, left and right each have a penthouse, the East, west wing each three, preservation is better. For the Beijing City cultural relics protection units. Of the original for the West four the North three kindergartens to use, and now for the residents a household member uses. West Fourth North three 39. No. Cheng Yanqiu's former residence to sit the Northern Dynasties south of the two Jinyuan La, an area of ​​about 390 square meters. Cheng Yanqiu From 1937 onwards straight to before Death of the blending to this. Beijing City focus on the protection cultural relics. Is not open. Edit this paragraph traffic 22,38,47,68,101,102,109,124,202,211,409,603,709,726,806,808,812,814,826,850 Lu West four Station; 7, 13,105,adidas predator 2013,204,626,709,823 newspaper sub-Hutong, station Edit this paragraph name of the similar to Fuxingmen Nei Dajie,adidas f50 2013, formerly known as the newspaper sub-Street
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