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Introduction minced September Introduction September Ukrainian Edit this paragraph is selected from Putian, Fujian iron stove Ukrainian village . Its main features: flat round fruit , fruit weight 14.0 to 16.4 g , maximum 19 g ; flesh white,Adidas Predator XI, translucent , flesh, nuclear small, easy from the nucleus , tender crisp, juicy, sweet , superior quality ; edible rate of more than 70% soluble solids of 20.2% to 22 %, acid content of 0.06 g / 100 ml , fruit in October , the mid- maturity. September Ukraine can be fresh ,Mercurial Vapor VIII, canning , dried , should choose superior strains to accelerate development.


Edit this paragraph mince minced September September Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is a very common dishes, doing good science, but mainly it very well with rice .


practice materials: September Ukraine 200 grams , 20 grams minced meat , pepper 10 grams , a spoonful of olive vegetable seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine , dry starch , monosodium glutamate free practice: a , minced meat with salt, wine and dry starch marinate for 15 minutes. Meanwhile,Nike CTR360 Maestri III, old hand in September Ukrainian torn tendons , picking into 3-4 cm long segments, the September Ukrainian soaked with water for 2 minutes. ( To save time, but also the line segment with a knife ) two , wok cold oil under the first dish cooked minced meat stir ( like minced meat tender ) , stay in base next September Ukraine , fry for 1 minute. Third, continue to the next red pepper stir fry, simmer over medium heat and then cover with lid for about 1 minute ( after flooding in September Ukraine itself with water , do not need to add water stew ) , soft when cooked flip salt and olive dish ( olive dish itself salty , salt to put less ) . Fourth, put the minced meat, stir well to Cook MSG ( monosodium glutamate can also be omitted ) .


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