Kuramochi Kuramochi Fu Fu Saeko Saeko Fusako Kuramochi Gender: Female Date: May 14, 1955 Blood type: A Constellation : Taurus Birthplace: Tokyo Prefecture Debut: 1972 in the monthly " Bessatsu Margaret " published "small glasses of himself " Awards: 1996 "natural KOKEEKOU" won the 20th Kodansha Comics Awards ( serialized in the monthly "Chorus") major works: " Chopin often accompanied around ", " sea horizon " " Encore three times ", " chat ladder" and so on. Introduction : Mainly in Shueisha 's girls and young comic magazines published works. Good from love ,cr7 cleats 2013, friendship, self-awareness and other aspects of the establishment of true portrayal of puberty girls grow up ,adidas predator 2013, to capture the trivialities of everyday life " momentary impression ,Mercurial Vapor Superfly III," and by the hero's monologue delivered directly to the reader. The plot is full of realism attracted a large number of loyal readers .
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