Hasebe lily Wikipedia card Hasebe, Yuri [1] Hasebe lily , female, Japanese comics writer. 1991 in fortnightly "Girl COMIC" 5 Issues published monthly increase "the most photogenic him," long-term monthly "Girl COMIC Cheese!" Etc. Shogakukan girl comic magazine published works , to love like comic -based. Chinese name : Lily Hasebe Foreign Name : HasebeYuri Nationality: Japan Birthplace: Fukushima Prefecture,Indoor Soccer Shoes, Japan Date of birth: July 29 Occupation: Cartoonist Representative works: "Student husband" ,Nike5 Boots, "Temptation Girl" , "the most photogenic he "and so on .


Basic Information Major works Edit this paragraph the basic information Hasebe Lily HasebeYuri Birthday: July 29 Blood type: A Constellation: Leo Birthplace: Fukushima Prefecture Edit this paragraph Major works "student husband" full 1 "Temptation Girl" all three "I love the wind Jigu Chang " all one "Teacher ! I love you "all one " attachment in your eyes "all one " Master maid "all five " courtship booster "all one " seek Aijiluba "all one " fell in love health teacher "full 1 "My dear husband " all 10 ( all of the above is Japan Shogakukan duly authorized Taiwan Chinese publication name ) "stupid lover" full 1 ( Also in 2005 ~ 2008 are new works ,Adidas F50 FG, reference Yahoo! co miniッku ) " an Acacia love unfulfilled "
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