(1880 ~ 1923) Japanese literary critic. Tatsuo whose real name , was born in Kyoto . 1904 graduated from Tokyo Imperial University English , served as the fifth , the third College professor ,nike soccer cleats 2013, Department of Literature, Kyoto Imperial University , he served as assistant . 1912 by writing " Ten Lectures on Modern Literature " known world. Raised in a large college research paper " in the performance of poetry and prose of love ." 1915 delivered by the Ministry of Education to study abroad , the more years returned . Doctorate in literature in 1919 , he served as professor at Tokyo Imperial University . 1923 Great Kanto earthquake killed ,Adidas Predator XI, died in Kamakura . Works except " Ten Lectures on Modern Literature ",2013 New Nike Soccer Shoes, the important thing is " Impression ", " out of the ivory tower ," " Modern Love View ", " symbol of depression ", " Thoughts in theory" and so on. There are " Guliyagawa Works" ( Volume 8 ) world bank. His literary criticism launched after painstaking research was Freud 's theory , pay attention to literature and sex, the relationship between the subconscious , thus dumping Browning English poet and his literary criticism is characterized by: the pursuit of both European and American literature, new trends , and binding on the reality of Japanese ethics , this contradiction is Guliyagawa inner anguish roots.
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